Everything You Need to Know About 10x10 Shed

March 25, 2022      News and Tips

Do you live in Ohio and need a 10×10 storage shed? Are you wondering if a 10×10 storage shed would be enough? It should not be too large that it is difficult to locate a place for it on your property, but it should be large enough to store more than just one riding lawnmower. The 10×10 storage shed is a unique square shape that just might be right for you.

Pros and Cons of a 10×10 Shed

A 10×10 storage sheds offer unique versatility for a variety of needs from basic storage to a whole lot of unique specialty uses. If you really want to make it fancy, you can add a lot of windows and skylights to provide natural light.  We recognize that a shed of this size is not for everyone’s needs, so let us help you decide if a 10×10 shed is right for you by outlining the benefits and drawbacks of this storage shed size.

10x10 storage shed for sale in columbus ohio

Spacious but Compact

Unlike many larger sheds, 10×10 sheds are small enough to fit in tight places, yet can feel rather spacious too. The 10×10 shed is excellent for individuals who live in a city or town and do not have a large yard. Alternatively, if the size of your yard is not an issue in terms of space, you may not want your shed to take up a significant area in your yard. That is why a 10×10 shed is great for any sized yard; it is small enough not to take up too much space while being large enough to meet your needs.

Permits may not be required:

Most municipalities need a construction permit for structures of a specific size (including sheds). However, a 10×10 shed is small enough that it is not always necessary to obtain a permit for a structure of this size.  Often, any shed over 120 square feet requires a permit.  Since a 10×10 is only 10o square feet, you are often fine without one.  However, it is critical that you double-check this for yourself.  It is also critical to recognize that HOA’s often have requirements that go above and beyond the typical requirements of the local municipality.

1 Potential Drawback Of A 10×10 Shed

We assume that a 10×10 shed provides you with a plethora of storage alternatives, in some cases it may be too small for what you need. Perhaps you want to keep huge pieces of equipment, such as several riding mowers or ATVs. A 10×10 shed can easily handle that, but not if you have dreams of putting a lot of additional items in there.

How To Organize A 10×10 Storage Shed

interior view of 10x10 wooden storage shed in ohio

Perhaps it’s your limited budget or the little property that has prompted you to choose a 10×10 shed. What’s astonishing is how much can fit into a small shed if it’s well arranged.  You’ll want to make the most of your space when you have a shed the size of a 10 × 10 storage shed. Let’s go over some storage shed organizing ideas.

Shelves for your 10×10 Storage Shed

When all of your belongings, such as gas cans, power tools, and boxes, can be stored on shelves in a 10×10 shed. You will be more organized and happy with shelves in your 10×10 storage shed.

Tool Hangers for your 10×10 Storage Shed

Gardening tools may take up a lot of room and clutter the floor of your outdoor storage shed, especially when you choose a 10×10 small building, keeping the floor clear must be a key. It won’t be long before you can barely walk into the temporary storage building to find what you’re looking for. One technique to keep your 10×10 backyard shed orderly is to hang the garden equipment.

Hooks for your 10×10 Storage Shed

Another technique to keep your storage shed organized is to attach hooks to the rafters of your 10×10 storage shed and hang items to keep them out of the way. The better organized your walls are, the more space you’ll have for the rest of your belongings. You can buy hose hooks, bike hooks, tool hooks, and more.

How Much Does A 10×10 Storage Shed Cost

10x10 wooden mini barn shed for sale in central ohio

Another question is, how much does a 10×10 Shed cost? This is determined by the amount of quality desired as well as the style of your 10×10 shed.
Remember that some sheds have a lot more cubic interior area than others.
For example, the 1×010 Highwall may provide more internal storage capacity than the 10×10 Minibarn Shed. Here are prices for some of the numerous 10×10 shed styles we’ve created, such as the Gable shed, Quaker shed, Cape Cod shed, Cottage shed, Mini Barn, Classic shed, High Wall shed, Premier High Wall shed, Cabin shed and Retreat shed.

Shed StyleDuraTemp or T-111Vinyl
Cape Cod$4345$5480
Mini Barn$3545$4395
High Wall$4395$5240
Premier High Wall$4875$5810

Place Your Dreams Into A 10 x 10 Shed

Are you wondering what you can do with a 10×10 shed? The options are as limitless as your design desires. With the 10×10 size shed, they can be used for nearly any purpose you have in mind. We have selected some ideas that we believe you will love and show a truly curated space for your 10 x 10 shed.

10×10 Man Cave

10x10 cabin shed for sale in near springfield ohio

Do you desire a place to go to get away from the stress of your life? You require a place of refuge in which to retreat. Your own personal sanctuary where you may unwind and rest. Or a spot to concentrate on a job or play endeavor. Whatever you choose to accomplish, our Sheds and Barns make excellent man caves.  A 10×10 shed can be the perfect place to build your own man cave. Given that a 10×10 shed is roughly the size of a spare bedroom, you won’t feel squeezed in there. The 10×10 shed will comfortably accommodate a sofa, television, fireplace, and other man cave necessities. Such as extra chairs, perhaps even a mini-fridge, or a spot to store your favorite goodies away from hungry children. The 10×10 shed can certainly provide you with the “Man Cave” you’ve always desired, as well as a haven of peace and quiet!

10×10 She Shed

10x10 cabin shed for sale in central ohio

Are you looking for some peace and quiet away from the rush and bustle? A place to ponder, create, and make room for more of life? Many of our Sheds and Barns have the potential to be transformed into the ideal She Shed. The 10×10 shed size is not confined to “manly places,” but is also perfect for accommodating “She Sheds.” If you recall your favorite novel as a girl, chances are the main character had a spot to hide away, an area that was entirely their own escape. A 10×10 portable shed might be just what you need to get away from your home that is covered in crayon and crumbs from your children. Some of the most beautiful “She Sheds” we’ve seen use the appearance of a Cape Cod, Cottage, or Cabin Shed design that will take you to a haven of calm and creativity where the dreaming never stops.

10×10 Office Shed

10x10 storage shed for sale near columbus ohio

Working from home allows for a more flexible schedule, lowers travel expenses, and keeps one closer to family. However, distractions might make working from home ineffective. Consider creating a peaceful spot in your backyard for a home office shed, home writing studio, photography studio, or home art studio. With your own backyard workplace, you can have a fresh start to work from home. Whether you’ve always wanted to work from home or are being forced to, having an at-home office is really convenient! Why not turn a 10×10 shed into the office space you’ve always wanted? Imagine being able to work from home while leaving your worries at work. We’ve seen folks benefit from having a private office in a 10×10 shed since it allows them to have a focused work environment that is as free of distractions as possible. The 10×10 shed provides ample space for bookshelves, a desk, and everything else you may want for your home office.

Shed Styles Available in 10×10 Options

10×10 Highwall Shed

10x10 highwall shed for sale in ohio

Are you looking for storage sheds in Ohio? The Highwall shed offers an abundance of space because of the added benefit of higher walls.  This style of shed provides a lot of headroom with 6’4″ sides and a big roof area. If you are limited to a 10×10 footprint, this design will maximize what you are able to do with your space.

10×10 Cabin Shed

10x10 cabin shed for sale in near springfield ohio

Need an extra place for your guests to stay? The cabin shed gives the allure of a completely separate guest house in your backyard! The Cabin Shed’s front porch is a peaceful area to sip a cup of coffee in the morning or relax in the glory of an evening sunset. Why settle with simple storage when you can create a stunning focus piece for your backyard? Whether you’re creating a studio shed, a bunkhouse for visitors, or a place to keep your valuables, the Cabin Shed offers a perfect blend of form and function that will have your neighbors wondering when they can come over for the housewarming.

10×10 Mini Barn Shed

10x10 mini barn shed for sale near dayton ohio

Need a simple 10×10 storage shed with a farmstead look? Our mini barns give you the look of a classic barn while being an economical choice. Mini Barn structures are ideal for storing lawn furniture, gardening supplies, bicycles, even motorcycles! Because of its traditional home-style structure, our Mini barns complement the greatest homes and can withstand powerful windstorms and snow. Some choices include 4′ sidewalls and 60″ door openings on 8′ wide structures. Contact our professionals, choose your options and colors, and our staff will give you with the best advice and help.

10×10 Classic Storage Shed

10x10 classic storage shed for sale near dayton ohio

Do you love the look of a mini barn but know some of the things you need to store will require some additional height? Our classic Sheds have the traditional mini barn look while offering much more space. The traditional barn-style barns have enough headroom to add a loft for additional storage. This was the first shed style we built on our family farm in the 1980s. Classic sheds include our tallest roofline with a distinctive overhang, as well as lower sides to accommodate the roof. Some choices include 4′ sidewalls on 8′ and 10′ wide versions, as well as Premium quality 34″ tongue and groove plywood on the floor.

10×10 Gable Shed

10x10 storage shed for sale near columbus ohio

Are you looking for a contemporary-looking shed? The Gable shed offers just that in a wide variety of customizable options! Gable sheds are popular because they provide simple and cost-effective storage options. Gable roofs are constructed from a single sloping plane that has the same pitch on both sides of the ridge. This simple roof design suits almost any building type. This A-frame shed is also a timeless classic and one of our most popular sheds in Ohio. The inside layout is simple and easily changeable to fit your needs, and doors and windows can be added to any wall, allowing you to easily modify this shed to meet your needs.

10×10 Quaker Shed

10x10 quaker shed for sale in ohio

Do you need the perfect home office or studio? Quaker sheds give you that plus a beautiful and quaint look! If you want a shed with a distinct design and a large overhang to provide weather protection when the doors are opened, the Quaker shed is for you. The main difference in this design is that the low-rise roof is asymmetrical, with the back roof larger than the front. This design is great for backyard storage or custom building, such as home offices or she sheds.

10×10 Cape Cod Shed

10x10 a frame shed with steep roof pitch for sale in ohio

Do you need a stylish looking 10×10 storage shed? Do you want a shed with an inside loft for greater storage space and a more elegant appearance? The Cape Cod design shed is an excellent option. It has an appealing and sophisticated design, making it an excellent addition to any house. They may be used for a number of things, such as garden structures, she sheds storage sheds, bunkhouses, camping cottages, and even a playhouse. The Cape Cod Shed is also available with a range of modification options.  You may change the roof and siding to fit the other structures on your property. Select your color, create a design in the 3D designer, and request a quote now.

Ready To Buy A 10×10 Storage Shed In Ohio?

We would love to talk to you today about getting the 10×10 storage shed of your dreams and unlocking space in your backyard.  Reach out to us today!

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