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With a contemporary roof design, the Gable shed is a natural fit in any modern landscape. A straightforward, open design allows you to store large lawn equipment and patio furniture with ease. The building layout allows you to place doors or windows on any wall of the building, giving you more options for placement in your lawn. This building works great for common storage and space solutions while also being a great option for home studio sheds or other custom uses. Check out our available inventory of  Gable Sheds today!

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Available Gable Sheds In Ohio

Gable Shed Pricing*

SizeDuraTempVinylAdd for 1' Higher Walls

Price List Colors:

Rent to Own Available
$250 charge for Built On-Site
Free Delivery within 50 miles of Plain City, OH

Rent to Own NOT Available
Built On-Site ONLY
Free Delivery within 50 miles of Plain City, OH

*This pricing does not include add-ons or additional features. Available buildings may be more expensive than the prices shown in the pricing guide.

Free Gable Shed Delivery In Ohio

All of our Gable Sheds come with free delivery for the first 50 miles from our office. We are happy to go beyond 50 miles, but please know additional fees will apply. To learn more about this service, contact us.


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Advantages of a Gable Shed

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Contemporary Design

The gable shed design is simple yet attractive.  The roof pitch and style mirror most modern residential construction designs.  As such, the gable shed style is a pretty safe option if you are concerned about your shed blending into your existing home landscape and neighborhood. The gable shed will look great in virtually any color scheme, and it will look natural whether you choose a metal or shingle roof.

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Customizable Layout

The interior of this shed is extremely practical; with its “clean line” design, you can customize shelves, racks, hooks, etc… however, you like for a perfectly optimized storage solution. Since the exterior of the gable shed also follows a very basic design, you have an incredible amount of flexibility as far as where you place the doors and windows.  This flexibility of configuration allows you to orient the gable shed on your property in a way that best suits your needs while still looking fantastic. 

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hvAffordable Cost

The gable shed is the most affordable shed style that we offer. The simple basic design of the gable shed means that it can be produced in less time and material than other more complicated shed styles. If your main motivation for getting a shed is to declutter and organize your house simply, the gable shed will get the job done well for less money and will still beautify your property at the same time.