Highwall Sheds Lofted Barn Sheds with Space to Clear Your Head

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The Highwall lofted barn maximizes your storage space, with a loft in each end of the building that allows for storage of seasonal or occasional use items. With 6’4” sidewalls and a tall roof space, these garden sheds provide a lot of headroom. With these lofted barns you’ll be able to clear your head from clutter by having plenty of space to work with. Its design allows for doors and windows to be placed on any wall, making it easily customizable for your needs.

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Size DuraTemp Vinyl
8x8 $3675 $4530
8x10 $4055 $4905
8x12 $4435 $5325
8x14 $4805 $5730
8x16 $5195 $6115
10x10 $4395 $5240
10x12 $4875 $5745
10x14 $5355 $6240
10x16 $5840 $6745
10x20 $6765 $7735
12x14 $5885 $7010
12x16 $6385 $7550
12x20 $7405 $8675
12x24 $8395 $9745
14x20 $8710 $10070
14x24 $9715 $11130
14x28 $10695 $11640
16x20 $10005 $11450
16x24 $11015 $12530

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Rent to Own Available
$250 charge for Built On-Site
Free Delivery within 50 miles of Plain City, OH

Rent to Own NOT Available
Built On-Site ONLY
Free Delivery within 50 miles of Plain City, OH

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Highwall Lofted Barn Uses

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Highwall Garage

One great way to use a Highwall lofted barn is as a portable garage. Due to their spacious interior, they work well for storing mowers, ATVs, and even small cars. If you want to use your Highwall Shed as a garage, Beachy Barns can custom build it with an overhead garage door. Visit our shed options page for more information.

garden shed highwall storage shed

Storage Shed

One of the most popular uses of a Highwall Shed is as a storage shed. Their shape helps to maximize space making them efficient and practical. If you are considering renting a storage space, a great alternative is Highwall Storage Shed. Get a quote or design your own with our 3D shed builder.

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Highwall Greenhouse

If you’re looking for a more creative idea for your Highwall garden shed, a Shed/Greenhouse split is a great idea. Beachy Barns can work with you to custom build your shed with greenhouse windows and roofing. These are not standard options for our sheds so please contact us if this is something you would like to do.