Sheds Built On-Site In Ohio

Is your property difficult to navigate? Stuck with someone from the HOA saying you can’t have a shed delivered with a truck offload? Then, an on-site shed build may be just the thing you need!

You should be able to get the building you need even if the location is difficult for a portable building. That is why we began to offer on site shed installation for our customers. Our skilled team of on-site builders will bring the materials to your location and build it right on-site. 

How does a build-site-shed compare with our portable buildings? Our portable buildings are built entirely at our shop and are delivered as a whole building directly to the spot you want it. Our build-on-site structures are assembled on the site where you want the building to go. We bring all the parts necessary to your house and build it directly in place. 

Building Styles Available For On Site Builds

sheds built on site in ohio


Any of our storage sheds are available for onsite builds, including Mini Barns, Cottages, Highwalls, and Cabins!

custom garables built on site near-columbus-ohio


Along with our sheds, we offer installation for both our Gable Garages and our Highwall Garages as on-site builds.

prebuilt cabin shed for sale in ohio

Custom Buildings

Design your own building with our 3D Builder and we can deliver it already built or as a structure built-on-site.

The Build On Site Shed Process

built on site sheds with garage in plain city oh

Step 1 – Find The Building You Need

The first step in our process is to choose the building that will work best for you! Contact Us and we can show you the options that are available. If you already know what you want, you can fill out our Request A Quote form and receive a no obligation quote for the building of your choice. We believe that you should have all the information necessary to make a good decision! When you are ready, you can place your order for your Build-On-Site Shed!


Step Two – Prepare The Foundation

Once you decide to place the order, the foundation will need to be prepared for your custom build on site shed. The best option is a gravel foundation, but other options will work as well. While Beachy Barns does not install foundations, we recommend several local contractors that can take care of it for you! Give us a call and we will get you in touch with them! For more information about foundations, read our blog “Best Shed Foundations To Use

Step Three – Install The Building

When the foundation is ready to go, we will schedule a day to install your building. Our skilled installation team will quickly build your shed and level it on the foundation. We prepare the walls and other shed parts ahead of time so that the installation will not take very long. Our team makes a lot of effort to keep your property looking great throughout the process. Watch the video below to see how we go through out the process. 

Watch this On-Site Shed Build Completed in Record Time!

When Is A Built-On-Site Shed Better Than A Portable Shed?

Build-on-site structures are the better option in a number of scenarios. If it will be difficult to get the shed to the location where you would like to place it, a built-on-site shed is probably the better option. An example of this would be if you would like a shed in the backyard but your neighbors houses are close to yours.

For those living in an HOA that prohibits sheds from being delivered, your best option would be for an on-site build. 

Because of the problems caused for transporting large buildings, any of our structures that are wider than 14’ or taller than 12’ 3” must be built on site. 

In any of these situations, a build-on-site shed is a better option than having a portable shed delivered despite the cost of on-site builds being slightly higher. Contact us if you have any questions about any of our building options!


Can I Get A Garage Built On Site? 

Yes, each of our garage styles can be built on site as well! Follow the same process shown above to get a build-on-site garage shed!

Time Lapse of 18' x 20' Amish shed (barn) in 3 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions About Sheds Built On-Site

Is An On-Site Shed Build More Affordable Than A Prebuilt Shed?

No. An on-site building tends to be more expensive than a prebuilt shed. Because it takes more time, we charge a minimum $250 fee for all onsite builds, and the cost to paint your project is more expensive for onsite builds.

How Long Does The Average On-Site Shed Build Take?

A typical on-site shed build will take 3-4 hours to complete. This includes full construction of the shed and any interior options you may add. To make sure your build process is as successful as possible, please have your shed site prepared before we arrive.

Can All Shed Styles Be Built On Site?

Yes. No matter what kind of building you would like to have created, we can build it on-site. Take a look at our sheds and garages to see what building suits the needs you have the best.

Can All Shed Sizes Be Built On Site?

Yes. All of our garages and sheds can be built on-site. However, as mentioned before, an onsite build is more expensive than a prebuilt shed or garage. If budget concerns you, look at our available inventory that can be delivered directly to you.

Are There Any Sheds That Must Be Built On Site?

Yes. Any building that is over 14’ wide will need to be built on-site. If your building is over 12’ 3” tall, it will need to be built on-site

What Is The Largest Shed That Can Be Built On Site?

The largest building that we can offer for an onsite build is 16×40.

What Is The Smallest Building That Can Be Built On Site?

The smallest building that we can build on site is a 6×8.