Rent to Own Sheds The Smart Alternative to Self-Storage Units

If you are renting a self-storage unit or need more space but don’t have the money for purchasing a shed upfront then Rent to own is a good option for you.

With our Rent to Own Shed purchasing option you can get the storage space you need NOW with low monthly payments and NO Credit Check required! Please note: Buildings must be pre-built and delivered to qualify for Rent to Own.

How Rent to Own Works

Step 1: Choose what size and style of building you would like. You can pick from our inventory buildings, or we can custom build a shed for you

Step 2: Pay the first months’ rent up front and we’ll deliver your new shed.

Step 3: Make 36 equal monthly payments and you own the building outright.


How to calculate your payments
To calculate what your monthly payments will be, simply divide the cash price of your shed by 21.6

$1500 cash price/21.6 = $69.99 per month
$2500 cash price/21.6 = $115.74 per month

Advantages of Rent to Own

  • Easy Terms: No Credit Required
  • Low Down Payment: Only 2 months’ rent down payment.
  • Easy Ownership: Rent for only a few years with equal monthly payments and own it for a lifetime. In a typical storage unit, you will rent for a few years and have nothing to show for it.
  • Early Payoff with No Penalty: At any point in your contract you can buy the building for 60% of your remaining payments.
  • Loss Damage Waiver: The building can conveniently be added to your homeowners insurance or you can purchase a Loss Damage Waiver from us that protects against “Acts of God.”
  • Convenient Storage Location: Save time and money by having storage in your backyard instead of across town in a rental unit.
  • Safe Storage of Your Possessions: Keep your eye on your valuables right in your backyard.
  • Easy Return with No Penalty: Return you shed at any point with no further obligations.