The Classic Shed Portable Sheds for a Permanent Space

portable sheds for sale near dayton ohio

The Classic is the original style we started building in the early 80’s on the family farm. Through the years some of the materials have changed for the better, but we still maintain the same traditional workmanship and meticulous attention to detail. With a higher roof design than the Mini Barn Sheds, these portable sheds have more headroom which allows for an optional loft. Add a ramp to these sheds to make them the perfect solution for backyard tools and equipment storage.

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Size DuraTemp Vinyl
8x8 $2660 $3355
8x10 $2930 $3640
8x12 $3195 $3925
8x14 $3450 $4210
8x16 $3705 $4475
10x10 $3460 $4165
10x12 $3775 $4530
10x14 $4090 $4900
10x16 $4405 $5245
10x20 $5060 $6010
12x14 $4995 $6140
12x16 $5425 $6605
12x20 $6280 $7540
12x24 $7100 $8465
14x20 $7625 $9290
14x24 $8440 $10120
16x20 $8655 $10270
16x24 $9675 $11440

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Rent to Own Available
$250 charge for Built On-Site
Free Delivery within 50 miles of Plain City, OH

Rent to Own NOT Available
Built On-Site ONLY
Free Delivery within 50 miles of Plain City, OH

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