Shed Options

custom shed options

Part of designing your own custom shed means having lots of custom shed options. That’s what this page is about. We have over 50 shed options (not including color options) you can choose to create your dream storage building. You can add extra windows, change door styles, add lofts and shelves, and much more. The only limit to creative shed ideas is your imagination. So go ahead and take a look at our various custom options and design the perfect shed for you.

Windows & Accessories

It’s amazing how much windows can bring to a shed. They add beauty to the exterior and give the interior a much more cheerful feel. Mix and match with these different window styles to customize your shed.

storage shed options wooden shutters and flower box

22"x27" single hung aluminum window with shutters and flower box

storage shed options octagon window


storage shed options 22x27 window

22"x27" single hung aluminum window with standard trim

storage shed options 6 foot transom window

6' transom

22x27 window$100
30x36 window$140
24" Transom window$80
6' Transom window$120
Flower box small (wood or vinyl)$40
Flower box large (wood or vinyl)$50
Shutters small (wood or vinyl)$40
Shutters large (wood or vinyl)$50
Octagon window$100
30x36 insulated vinyl window$275

Doors Options

Choosing the right door not only adds to your sheds appearance but it can be a practical thing as well. For example, if you are going to store large equipment in your shed, garage door would be useful. If you want, you could even add garage doors on one side and regular doors on the other.

storage shed options transom doors

Transom doors

storage shed options modern doors

Modern doors

storage shed options garage door

Overhead Garage doors

storage shed options fiberglass doors

Fiberglass doors

storage shed options 9 light fiberglass doors

9 light fiberglass doors

Additional double doors$250
Additional single door$150
Additional double fiberglass doors$375
Additional single fiberglass door$225
Transom or 9 light in doors$80 per door
Wider doors (up to 7'6")$110
Painted Fiberglass Doors$50
8x7 overhead door$1400

Roof Options and Upgrades

white composite cupolas with copper colored roof

White composite cupolas with copper colored roof

storage shed options ridge vent

Ridge vent

Metal Roof$2.00 per sq ft.
Ridge vent per 4' section$25
Feltpaper under shingles$.50 per sq. ft. floor area
Poly cupola with copper colored roof (Louvered)$325
Poly cupola with copper colored roof (with glass)$350

Shelves – Lofts – Workbenches

When it comes to being efficient and organized with your storage space, nothing helps more than a loft or shelves. They allow you to make use of ceiling space and provide more areas for sorting out your different items in storage. If you plan to use your shed as a workshop, then a workbench is a must.

storage shed options 16 inch shelves


storage shed options loft


storage shed options workbench



16" x up to 10' shelves$50
16" x up to 14' shelves$70


8' and 10' wide buildings$60
12' and 14' wide buildings$70
16' wide buildings$80



Flooring Options

Having strong flooring can be especially important if you plan to store any heavy equipment in your shed. In certain situations, it might be a good idea to upgrade your floor, just to be safe.

2x8 tongue and groove flooring shed option

2x8 tongue and groove treated floor standard on garage models

3/4" Treated plywood floor$1.00 per sq. ft.
2x8 Tongue & groove floor$3.00 per sq. ft.
Extra skids$2.00 per lineal ft.

Miscellaneous Options

These miscellaneous shed options can both improve appearance and make your shed easier to use. Add ramps to make it easy to take equipment in and out. Jazz up your shed with custom trim package, porch railings, etc…

storage shed options railing


storage shed options drop rod

Optional drop rods

storage shed options different color trim

Different trim color

Porch posts$55
Railing$20 per lineal ft.
Aluminum ramp$350
Door drop rods (pair)$30
Pier foundation$100 per pier
Set of 4 anchors$140
Paint one color (prebuilt only)Add 10% to cost building
Different color trim paint (2nd color)$60
Different color trim paint (3rd color)$30
Custom paint color (main color)$60
Custom paint color (trim color)$100
Onsite built paintadd 20%
Onsite built paint (trim color)$100
Carrying charge after 150' plus$50 per additional 50'
Decorative bracers$75
Keystone trim$20 per window or door