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Pool House Shed

A pool house is an excellent add-on to your property if you already have a pool or are thinking about getting one.  A pool house is not only essential for storing all of the equipment necessary to owning a pool: pool covers, cleaning supplies, chemicals, etc… But a pool house can and should also be used as an idyllic backyard retreat. Who wouldn’t want their very own waterfront hangout spot? Or, if you are really thinking creatively, you can even use a pool house as a swim-up bar!

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She Shed

The she shed has enjoyed quite a bit of popularity over the last number of years. In case you are not in the loop, the she shed is a feminine backyard retreat shed. They can be themed in a whole variety of fun ways.  Whether for gardening, an art studio, a tea room, or a clutter-free lounge area… women all over the country love having a personal retreat from everyday life where they can unwind.

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Hangout Shed

Creating a vacation getaway in your backyard is a truly inspired shed idea. The options are limitless!  We have had some customers create some really great backyard vacation spots over the years.  Click the button to the right to get some really great info on a fun customer story.

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Home Office Shed

Working from home has never been more popular than now.  However, keeping your work and personal life separate can be messy; this is why a home office in a shed is the perfect solution.  With a shed office, you still get the satisfaction and motivation of being able to “go to work,” but you still get the convenience of being really close to home!

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Getaway Cabin

A very popular use for our sheds is to use them as a getaway cabin.  While most of our sheds can be finished out and used as a cabin, some shed styles we offer are more suitable than others.  If you are in need of a cabin shed, we would highly recommend the Cabin and Retreat style.  All of our sheds are built using standard residential construction techniques so that insulating and finishing the interior for a comfortable 4-season getaway will be no problem at all.

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Home Gym In A Shed

Did you ever consider putting your very own gym in your home? If you would like a home gym but have had a hard time figuring out where to put it, you should consider putting your gym in a shed in the backyard!  If you want to stay fit and cut that gym membership fee at the same time, putting a gym in a shed makes a lot of sense.

Before you start picking out a shed, you need to figure out how much room you are going to need for your home gym.  The best estimate for sizing home gyms is between 50 and 200 square feet.  So, you definitely want to start with at least an 8×8 shed.  You will also want to be sure to have plenty of head clearance, so choose a shed model with higher walls.  The Cottage, Highwall, Gable, and Cape Cod are all models that should work well for a home gym in a shed.

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Man Cave Shed

The man cave concept is well known. Using a shed as a man cave is an ideal option if you do not have a spare room in the house to commit to this purpose.  There are many fun themes and options that can be worked into a man cave shed.


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Tiny House Shed

Tiny homes continue to enjoy tremendous popularity.  Storage sheds can make an excellent shell for your next tiny home project.  Our sheds are built using residential building standards and can be easily finished with all the comforts of home. By their very nature, our buildings are also portable, which is great if you do not own the land where you want to place a tiny home. As with any building project, it is vitally important that you research local building codes and ordinances before you begin your tiny home project.


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