Keys of Distinction Construction Details of Your Quality Shed

A storage shed from Beachy Barns is not just any storage shed; it is built with the finest materials and crafted with careful attention to detail. Our company was founded on a passion for producing quality sheds, and we are still pursuing that same passion today. Here are our keys of distinction.


Barn-style sheds have a 2×8 double top plate. This increases the strength of the sidewall, provides a nice shelf for storage, and creates an overhang on the outside to keep the water from running off the roof onto the sidewalls.

Gable buildings have a double 2×4 top plate with interlocking corners.

All Buildings have 2×4 studs spaced 16” on center with 2×4 trusses or rafters spaced 24” on center.

Trusses have collar ties every 6’.

Plywood or OSB double gussets are used on all trusses.

All siding and framing nails are ring-shanked for maximum holding power and galvanized for superior weather resistance.

quality sheds 2x8 top plate

2x8 top plate on barn style buildings

quality sheds 24inches on center trusses

24" on center trusses

quality sheds double top plate

Interlocking double top plate on all gables

quality sheds framing nail

Framing nail

quality sheds siding nail

Siding nail


We offer 3 types of siding for all our sheds.

Duratemp has a strong plywood inner core with a tough hardboard face that won’t crack or split like regular wood. It has the appearance of rough-sawn cedar without defects. This is the best choice for painting because it comes factory primed, ready to paint, and the paint lasts longer than on bare wood products. A 6-10 year life span can be expected before repainting. Primed trim is used on Duratemp buildings. Duratemp siding comes with a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Vinyl Siding is installed over full ½” OSB subsiding. Vinyl soffits are vented, and a ridge vent comes standard on vinyl buildings. Doors and facia are trimmed with aluminum for a totally maintenance-free structure. A variety of colors for this siding and trim are available. White Fiberglass doors come standard with vinyl buildings and can be painted to match vinyl colors.

quality sheds duratemp siding


quality sheds t 111 siding


quality sheds vinyl siding



Metal Roofing is maintenance-free and eliminates blowoffs that are common with shingles. Our metal has a Kynar 500 paint with a 40-year non-prorated warranty. Metal comes in a variety of sizes.

Underneath the metal is an R9 bubble foil insulation/vapor barrier to prevent condensation during rapid temperature changes. Trusses for metal roofs are spaced 24” in the center. 2×4 purlins run across the trusses to support the metal roof.

Shingle Roofs feature a full ½” OSB sheathing. OSB stays flat and straight and is stronger than plywood. H-clips are placed at all horizontal seams to provide extra support and ensure proper spacing between panels.

We use a Lifetime dimensional shingle that is available in six colors. All shingle roofs come with drip edge protection on the edges to prevent moisture from seeping under the shingle.

quality shed details drip edge protector

Drip edge protection

quality sheds insulated vapor barrier

Insulated vapor barrier

quality sheds metal roofing

Metal roofing

quality sheds osb sheathing with ply clips

OSB sheathing with ply clips

quality sheds roof overhang

Roof overhang

quality sheds soffit



Standard Floors on our sheds feature the following:

  • ¾” tongue-and-groove plywood floor. This is heavy-duty, underlayment grade flooring (same as in your house) and the tongue-and-groove feature protects against air infiltration.
  • 4×4 pressure treated skids
  • 2×4 treated rim joists
  • 2×4 floor joists 12” on center
  • Aluminum edge guard on all door openings

Garage Floors feature a 2×8 tongue-and-groove treated floor boards instead of the ¾” plywood flooring. This provides a rock-solid foundation for your shed to hold up under heavy equipment and high moisture situations.

quality sheds 34 tongue and groove plywood

3/4" tongue and groove plywood

quality sheds standard floor joist 12inches on center

Floor joist 12" on center

quality sheds aluminum floor edge protector

Aluminum floor edge protector

quality shed flooring for garage sheds

2x8 tongue and groove treated floor standard on garage models


Our wood doors for our sheds with Duratemp siding are heavy-duty, 3-layered doors. We build a 2×4 on-edge frame for our doors, overlay this frame with a 1/2” Duratemp plywood siding and then use a premium trim board frame, fastened from the back with screws to finish off the front. Our doors will stand the test of time.

Doors are mounted with heavy-duty black hinges with nylon bushings.

All doors include keyed latches and heavy-duty slide bolts on top and bottom for security.

quality sheds standard wood doors

Standard wood doors

quality sheds keyed latches

Keyed latches

quality sheds heavy duty slide bolts

Heavy duty slide bolts on top and bottom for security

quality sheds heavy duty black hinges

Heavy duty black hinges

Additional Construction Details

Paint: For painted buildings, we use high-quality Sherwin-Williams paint. The paint is sprayed and rolled to ensure good coverage.

Ridge Vent: Vinyl-sided barns have a ridge vent (instead of wall vents) with a standard 4’ section per 150 square feet of floor space. This ridge vent can be included on wood buildings also at the customer’s request.

Aluminum Wall Vents: All wood buildings come standard with an 8”x16” aluminum vent on each end. These ensure that your shed will have adequate ventilation and not sweat inside.

quality sheds aluminum vent

Aluminum vent

quality sheds ridge vent

Ridge vent