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At Beachy Barns, we believe everyone should have a shed that fits their needs.  That is why we do our best to create unique sheds for your specific needs. We believe fulfilling the needs of your shed design starts by selecting the right size shed for your property. Whether you need a small 6×8 shed for some garden tools or a large 16×32 shed for your toys, we are happy to help make your shed a possibility! Here are the shed sizes that we offer!

6×8 Sheds

8×8 Sheds

8×10 Sheds

8×12 Sheds

8×14 Sheds

8×16 Sheds

10×10 Sheds

10×12 Sheds

10×14 Sheds

10×16 Sheds

10×20 Sheds

12×14 Sheds

12×16 Sheds

12×20 Sheds


12×24 Sheds

14×20 Sheds

14×24 Sheds

16×20 Sheds

16×24 Sheds

16×28 Sheds

16x 32 Sheds


We Have Sheds In All Sizes And Styles

Frequently Asked Questions About Shed Sizes

Can Any Size Shed Be Customized?

Yes, within reason.  Not all shed sizes are capable of accommodating all of our listed shed options. You can view what shed options will work for the shed size you need, by using our 3D Shed Designer. If you have additional questions about what features can be added to the shed size you desire, contact us

What Is The Most Common Shed Size That You Sell?

The 10×16 shed is the most popular shed size that we sell. This shed offers ample space for several hand tools and a riding mower. This shed is a great way to free up some garage space and use your garage for your car!

Will I Need Zoning Clearances Based On My Shed Size?

Possibly. You will need to check with your local zoning office to know what clearances you may require. Each zoning board has its own regulations for what shed sizes need a building permit. In addition to this step, your HOA may have additional rulings for shed sizes. Before you consider buying a shed, it is best to check with your municipal zoning board and HOA to ensure you will not have any issues with your shed placement. 

What Sheds Sizes Are Considered Small?

Traditionally sheds are considered small-sized when they are 10×10 or smaller. This means that the shed size will offer you 100 square feet or less for storage. We offer the following small shed sizes 6×8, 8×8, 8×10, 8×12 and 10×10.

What Is the Smallest Shed Size That You Offer?

6×8 sheds are the smallest shed size that we offer. These sheds provide a great storage area for just a few hand tools. Additionally, some people have even decided to use them as a space to house a composting toilet.

What Shed Sizes Are Considered Mid-Size?

Mid-Size sheds are sheds that are no smaller than 8×14 and no larger than 12×20. Sheds of this size will give you a maximum storage space of 112 square feet and no less than 240 square feet. The sheds that we offer in the mid-size shed category are 8×14, 8×16,10×12,10×16, 10×20,12×14, 12×16, and 12×20.

What Shed Sizes Are Considered Large?

We consider a large-sized shed to be no smaller than 12×24 and no larger than 16×32 (our maximum size). A shed of this size will give you a minimum storage space of 288 square feet up to 512 square feet. We offer the sheds in the large shed category 12×24, 14×20, 14×24, 16×20, 16×24,16×24, 16×28, and 16×32.

What Is The Largest Shed Size That You Offer?

16×32 sheds are the largest shed size that we offer. These sheds provide a massive amount of storage. Sheds of this size are often used as workshops. However, these sheds can also be fitted to be a solid option for a sizeable at-home office space.