Shed Site Prep How to Prepare Your Site for Your Shed

We deliver to your prepared site. If site prep is needed and you prefer not to do it yourself, you can work with one of our site prep partners (see below for contact info). Here are some different options for how to prepare your shed site.

Concrete Blocking

shed site prep concrete blocking

We try to make site prep easy for you. For many sites, all that is needed is a relatively level, clean spot in your yard. Included in our pricing is leveling up to 8” with either concrete blocking or treated wood.

Gravel Pad

shed site prep gravel pad beachy barns

A gravel pad is a very good option for a shed pad since it provides a solid, porous foundation for your shed. The gravel pad can either be above ground or be dug out at ground level. We recommend 4” of #57 crushed gravel or crushed 411 for your pad. Either remove 4” of sod or build a level frame above ground using 4×4’s. Your gravel pad should be wider and longer than your building to allow an apron around it.


shed site preparation for a shed built on piers

Setting your building on piers is a good option if you have a sloped site or if zoning regulations require a foundation. We offer pier foundation services for an extra fee alongside our on-site building services. Our crew can usually install your pier foundation the same day they construct the building.

Concrete Pad

shed site prep concrete pad

A concrete pad is a long-term, quality option for a shed foundation. While it may be overkill in many cases, it certainly provides a stable, solid foundation. If you have a contractor install a pad, just ensure that it is square and level.

Treated Timber

shed site prep treated timber beachy barns

In some cases, you may want to use treated timber skids rather than blocking for your sheds foundation. For this option simply place 4×4 or 4×6 treated timbers in the opposite direction of the shed skids and then ensure they are level with each other. If you choose this option, simply ask us for details about skid placement and quantity so you know how many timbers to have on hand when your shed is delivered.

Our Site Prep Partners

We have some good relationships with trusted contractors in the area to help you with site prep and other services for your shed.

Gravel pads

Matt and Sons Constructions
Matt Yutzy