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February 24, 2021      Customer StoriesNews and Tips

I don’t know who coined the phrase “She Shed” but I wish it would have been me.

The term was not super well known not that long ago.  The Today Show was probably the first to really popularize the concept at a national level in 2015.  But the shed would not arrive at true infamy until this state farm commercial in 2018.

From this point forward, the She Shed reached a point of no return and has enjoyed a tremendous amount of popularity.  While the term She Shed is new… the concept is not.  At Beachy Barns, we have known for a long time that our sheds have been used for a wide variety of purposes. Creating a backyard hideaway for women is not new, but using the term “She Shed” is new. Here is a story from 2015 where one of our customers, Allison Ward, was featured in the Columbus Dispatch for her beautiful she shed project. 

We are always interested in how our sheds are being used, and we love it when someone in the media shares that interest.

Would you like a she shed of your own?  Generally speaking, a she shed is not a shed model that you can buy.  So unless you want to build a brand new structure completely from the ground up, you will realize your she shed aspirations by either repurposing an existing storage shed on your property or by purchasing a high-quality prefab shed, preferably from a local builder.

Regardless of your starting point, here are six steps to “she up” any shed.

1. Determine Your Theme. 

Your she shed can and should be as unique as you are. Figure out what your theme will be.  Japanese tea house? Potting shed? Party shed? Craft shed? Whatever you are looking for, you will want to define it before you move forward with your project.  Here are some theme ideas from a Colorado shed company to get you started:

Below is a shed we did for a customer that is set in an idyllic backyard and offers a “backyard getaway” theme.

she shed for sale in near columbus ohio 2

2. Make any needed structural changes. 

Minor structural changes may be needed depending on the look and layout of your current shed.  However, often the only thing needed will be simple aesthetic changes.  Check out this website to see how a dramatic difference can be made from simple things like a fresh coat of paint and a new roof.  Most she shed designs will benefit from natural light though, so adding a window or two may be needed.

If you don’t currently have a shed, find a prefab shed that gives you a really great shell to start with.  At Beachy Barns, we have several models that make an outstanding framework from which to realize your she shed dreams.  Virtually every style can be utilized, but I would start with the Cabin, Retreat, and Cottage styles.  Let your imagination run wild with our 3D Shed Builder, and you will be sure to come up with something quite interesting and unique to your tastes.  

sunroom she shed for sale in ohio

3. Paint Your She Shed.

She sheds can be subtle hideaways or eclectic backyard features.  You do it how you like it.  Do you like a more wild style?  Or a more humble and subtle style.  A fresh coat of paint on an old shed or a highly intentional paint choice on new one can give your shed some real she shed vibes.

she shed near dayton ohio

4. Finish the Interior.  

The wall and flooring materials you use to finish the interior will be the canvas on which you add the final decor.

This customer finished this shed out beautifully.  The pine board walls will give the perfect backdrop for a rustic-themed she shed.

she shed for sale near dayton ohio

5. Furnish Your She Shed. 

This is where the “sheing up”  the the she shed becomes nothing but pure fun!  Your style will dictate your furnishings.  Have fun with this and truly make it your own! 

she shed for sale in near columbus ohio

6. Landscape Around Your She Shed.

she shed for sale in columbus

Don’t forget to add a feminine flair to the landscaping around your she shed. If you are fighting the ambiance created by that old storage shed… fresh landscaping will be the final touch that officially “shes up” your shed! 

We hope that this is a quick and helpful guide to turning any shed into a she shed.  Don’t forget to send us pictures of a regular shed that you’ve recently turned into a she shed!  We would love to feature it!

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