Shed Delivery What to Expect When We Deliver Your Shed

When your shed from Beachy Barns is ready for delivery, our experienced drivers will bring your shed to you and place it on your prepared pad. Most sheds under 12’ wide are delivered prebuilt to you. Depending on your location and your access space, we will either unload your shed directly off our truck or trailer onto you site or use our shed mule to haul your shed to your site. For delivering a prebuilt shed, we simply require access space equal to the width of your shed.

If your shed is too large for delivery or if access is not possible, we offer on-site shed-building options. See the details for that here.

Truck or Trailer Unloading

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Our custom-built delivery trailer allows us to unload your building directly onto your shed pad when access space allows for this. Our top-notch shed delivery staff will only use this option when they are certain there is enough space for this unloading method and when the ground is firm enough to not tear up your lawn.

Mule Delivery System

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With our Mule delivery system, many buildings can be delivered prebuilt where it would be impossible otherwise. All that is needed is enough space for the building to fit through, (width and height). Flotation tires at each end of the building carry the weight, minimizing tracks in your yard. Tracks are similar to taking a large riding mower through your yard.

Shed Delivery With A Shed Mule

Shed Delivery Day in Ohio! What Should You Expect?

Our shed delivery staff will place your shed where you want it. They will then ensure that it is level and in good working order. If no site preparation has been done, we will provide concrete blocking for leveling up to 8”. You will be charged an extra fee if more extensive leveling is required. Once you are completely satisfied with your building and its placement, our drivers will leave you to enjoy your new shed.

For more information on site preparation, see our site prep page.