The Cape Cod Shed A-Frame Sheds for an A+ Space

quality a frame sheds for sale near dayton ohio

These buildings have a distinctive, upscale look with a steeper roof and wider overhang than the Gable A-Frame Sheds. The steeper roof also provides the extra space needed to add a loft if you want to maximize your space. The Cape Cod style gives the design flexibility of placing doors and windows on any wall. While these A-frame sheds make great storage spaces, their classy look lends itself well to turning them into she sheds, home offices, or other custom spaces.

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Size DuraTemp Vinyl
8x8 $3495 $4435
8x10 $3895 $4925
8x12 $4300 $5390
8x14 $4695 $5850
8x16 $5085 $6305
10x10 $4345 $5480
10x12 $4890 $5980
10x14 $5415 $6470
10x16 $5950 $6960
10x20 $6950 $7995
12x14 $6505 $7835
12x16 $7040 $8410
12x20 $8080 $9545
12x24 $9120 $10665
14x20 $9450 $11320
14x24 $10550 $12585
16x20 $10840 $12750
16x24 $12050 $14315
16x28 $13225 $15840
16x32 $14430 $17360

Price List Colors:

Rent to Own Available
$250 charge for Built On-Site
Free Delivery within 50 miles of Plain City, OH

Rent to Own NOT Available
Built On-Site ONLY
Free Delivery within 50 miles of Plain City, OH

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