Benefits Of Owning A Garden Shed

June 29, 2021      News and Tips

What is a Garden Shed?

Simply put, a garden shed is a small structure used for storage generally set in a residential property’s backyard or yard. Garden shed structures are used to store garden tools, bicycles, handyman tools, electronics, decorations, bicycles, and larger garden equipment. Purchasing a garden shed will help free up room in your home, garden, and garage by storing everything neatly and safely inside its functional space.

But garden sheds go beyond offering simple functionality.  Garden sheds can add elegance and stunning beauty to your backyard!

garden shed adds stunning beauty to yard in central ohio

Why Get a Garden Shed?

In a nutshell, the garden shed allows for efficient storage of your gardening tools and equipment which offers you faster access to the ones that you need. You will improve the beauty of your garden and increase the value of your home by owning a garden shed and freeing up space in your yard. Your efficient and beautiful space will provide all the encouragement you need to get out there and get gardening!


stunning quaker garden shed for sale near columbus ohio

Benefits Of Owning A Garden Shed

Although there are many virtues to owning a garden shed, here are three to consider…

1. Efficient Gardening Storage

garden tool therapy

Backyard sheds are ideal for keeping all your yard tools and equipment in one consistent place. Your yard tools stay out of your lawn, and they remain easily accessible when carefully stored inside your shed.

You will be able to free up space in your home, yard, and garage by adding a shed. A garden shed offers an ideal and safe space to store expensive outdoor items such as your tools, bikes, and mowers.  Freeing up space and cleaning up the house and garage is a huge win.

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To organize your garden tools and equipment simply add floating shelves, adjustable shelves, recycled bookshelves, and plastic tubs. A tool hanger can be used to hang longer tools such as shovels or rakes. Nails and screws can be stored inside jars. Hang lawn equipment on a slat wall. With these tips, you will always be able to locate your tools quickly and effortlessly.

2. Add Value To Your Home

custom garden shed that matches house in ohio

Purchasing a garden shed is a long-term investment. The addition of a lovely garden shed on your property will improve the value of your home. Plus, you can use and enjoy your garden shed. A win all the way around.

If you really want to add value to your home, don’t forget to make a solid effort to get your garden shed to blend in with the overall feel and aesthetic of your property and neighborhood.  This is why you should not show up to a big box store and buy whatever plastic or poor-quality woodshed that they may have in stock.  A much better approach is to work with a local prefab shed builder who can deliver on both quality and customization.

3. A Garden Shed Gets You Gardening!

custom garden shed for sale in central ohio

Need a push to actually get out there and start gardening? Let’s be honest, sometimes we just need a bit of motivation to start working in the garden.  Lack of space and organization is not very motivating. But having an organized and dedicated space separated from the house and garage might just be what you need to get in the zone… and getting in the gardening zone is worth it.

Although gardening has not always been thought of as the go-to stress relief activity, perhaps it deserves a little more attention than what it has received. Simply getting outside in the sunlight enhances your overall mental health and well-being. Connecting with nature and the great outdoors can help you feel more separated from the stresses of everyday life. Nature’s beauty is a terrific stress reliever in and of itself.

This is why having your own piece of natural beauty as a space for meditation, contemplation, and relaxation can help you relax and de-stress. Activities like enjoying your favorite tea with your family in your garden rejuvenates your mind and soul.

All these outdoor experiences are even better when your garden shed helps keep your backyard space organized and clean. Don’t let the mess of potting soil and gardening tools get in the way of your gardening dreams. Your gardening shed will keep the dirt and tools out of your garage and house and back in the garden where it belongs, so that you can enjoy all the

Great Garden Shed Essentials

A garden shed, regardless of its size, should have a few basic elements to make it an outstanding addition to your property.  Not everyone gets to have a fancy shed like the ones in fancy magazines and Instagram… but there are a few elements that will take your garden shed up to the next level.

1. Add Windows

cottage style garden shed for sale near dayton ohio

Some people are tempted to save money by leaving windows out of their garden shed plans.  However, windows not only look stunning from the outside, they are incredibly useful… and also look stunning from the inside.  Even a single window on a garden shed will go a long way to provide natural air from the outside and filter more light into the interior.  Transom windows placed on higher shed walls are particularly popular right now as a means of allowing more light in the shed without taking up storage space.

2. Plenty Of Interior Headroom And Floor Space

large garden shed for sale in central ohio

We generally don’t hear the words, “I wish I had gone with a smaller shed”.  Your garden shed should be large enough to serve its functional storage purpose as well as have extra space so that you can move around inside without bumping into things.  Whether building your own shed, or purchasing a prefab shed, be sure to calculate how much space you will need before you start.

3. Your Garden Shed Needs A Garden

lovely garden shed with flower box for sale in central ohio

Whether or not you consider yourself an avid gardener, a small bit of landscaping goes a long way in majorly beautifying your garden shed and creating the ideal backyard atmosphere.  Window boxes with flowers are a simple but lovely way to really make your garden shed stand out.

Other Uses For Garden Sheds?

Some people are NOT gardeners. If that is you, you may still need a shed. Garden sheds are often utilized for other purposes such as art studios, pool houses, photography studios, gaming rooms, reading rooms, music studios, and even home gyms. These are just a fraction of the useful ideas that go beyond simple storage.  For more awesome backyard shed ideas that you can implement at your home, check out our Inspiration Room or read the article 18 Garden Shed Ideas.

Great Styles for Garden Sheds

Today, garden sheds are more than just a place to store things. They serve as a place of work, rest, and recreation.  When it comes to garden shed styles, you have several choices. Each style come with its own set of advantages. Here is a list of the most popular garden shed styles.

Gable garden shed

gable prefab garden shed for sale in springfield ohio

The Gable is a simple, open design that allows you to store large lawn equipment and patio furniture with ease. This building works great for common storage and space solutions while also being a great option for home studio sheds or other custom uses.

Cape Cod Garden Shed

cape cod garden shed for sale near dayton ohio

This design has a more upscale appearance than the Gable A-Frame sheds, with its steeper roof and broader overhang. If you want to optimize your interior, the steeper roof also gives the extra room needed to construct a loft. The Cape Cod style gives the design flexibility of placing doors and windows on any wall. While these A-frame sheds make excellent storage spaces, their elegant appearance makes them ideal for use as sheds, home offices, or other custom spaces.

Quaker Garden Shed

beautiful garden shed near dayton ohio backyard

This attractive shed design is reminiscent of carriage sheds from the past. The Quaker Sheds have a large overhang giving you plenty of room to get out of the rain while opening the doors. This shed’s charming design lends itself well to custom applications such as home offices, she sheds, studio sheds, or man caves in your garden. Its layout allows doors and windows to be placed on any wall of the design, making it extremely adaptable.

Garden Sheds With Porches

Your shed with a porch will add a lot of enjoyment to your garden. The porch on your backyard shed adds to its aesthetic appeal, giving it that extra touch of beauty and utility. There are two types of cabins: retreat style and cabin style.

Retreat style

retreat style garden shed for sale in central ohio

The Retreat structures are porch sheds constructed using our Premier Highwall shed style. The 4′ wide porches on this prefabricated shed design are ideal for a rocking chair or stacking firewood. This structure includes a porch floor and porch posts as standard. Optional porch railings are available as an add-on. There is also a keyed-alike single door and a double door. The garden sheds with porches must be constructed on-site due to their overall height.

Cabin Style

cabin shed with porch used as garden shed in central ohio

The Cabin Shed’s front porch is a peaceful spot to sip a cup of coffee in the morning or relax in the glow of an evening sunset. Whether you are designing a studio shed, a bunkhouse for friends, or a refuge for your valuables, the Cabin shed strikes a perfect combination of form and function that will have your neighbors asking when you are having a housewarming party.

If you are ready to get your own garden shed?  At Beachy Barns, we hand-build garden sheds to the highest quality specs. When you get a shed from us, you can rest assured that we have put serious time and attention into your building.  Get a quote, or design your own shed today!

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