Window Shopping Exploring the Window Options for Your Storage Shed

February 10, 2017      News and Tips

“I went window shopping today! I bought four windows.” -Tommy Cooper

Let’s talk about windows.

There a different reasons people design their buildings with windows.


Sometimes windows are mostly for increasing the curb appeal of a building. We can work with you to get the right look. We have some basic standard configurations that we use if exact measurements for window spacing are not specified. However, we can customize the location of windows to meet your specifications.


Often at least part of the reason for windows it to allow natural light into the building. Weather you go with our cottage style building that has a row of windows in the dormer that allow for the interior to be flooded by light, or just a single small window to let in a bit of light, we can configure your shed to meet your goal.

The first time the door closes behind you when you are getting something out of your shed you will be glad there is some light in there so you are not finding your lawn tools with your shins as you grope for the door.


Most times a backyard shed is not air conditioned space. Even if you do not plan to use the building as a workshop, you may want to consider an opening window to allow cross ventilation for the times when you are organizing the inside of the shed. In larger buildings a window in the loft can add additional ventilation beyond the standard vents.


If the primary use for your building is storage, the view from inside the building may not be a big concern. However, if the building will be a workshop, hobby space, she-shed or man cave you will want to consider carefully the window placement. A double set of windows above a potting bench, looking out over the garden, can be the detail that makes the building a favorite place to work.

Some things to consider when thinking through the window placement for your shed.

Will it fit? Think not only about the window size but also about any trim or shutters that go around the window.

Do I need cross ventilation? If you will be using the shed as a workshop you may want to place windows on opposite walls to allow for cross ventilation.

Security. In most neighborhoods security is not the first concern, at least most houses we have installed buildings at have windows. If you are concerned about security there are a few things we have seen done. Curtains on the inside can block someone from seeing in. What they can’t see wont tempt them. Octagon or Transom windows high in the wall like in the vinyl Cape Cod pictured below let in light but are too high for someone to easily see in.

beachy barns window shopping central ohio

Insulated Windows

If your building will be used for a storage shed most likely you will not need insulated windows. However, if you have plans to insulate and heat your building you may want to consider insulated windows.

The right window set-up can enhance you building and make it even more enjoyable.

We routinely help customers decide what, if any, windows will best serve them in their new building.

storage buildings window with shutters and flower box

Window with shutters and flower box

storage buildings octagon window beachy barns

Octagon window in vinyl sided barn

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