16x18 Gable Shed in Springfield Ohio

Building Details

Date Completed :03/17/2023
Location :Springfield, Ohio
Building Type :Gable Shed
Size :16×18
Siding Material :Vinyl
Siding Color :Pewter
Roofing Material :Architectural Shingles
Roofing Color :Charcoal
Trim Color :Pewter
Door Color :Pine Needle




About This 16×18 Gable Shed in Springfield, Ohio

If you’re looking for a high-quality Shed in  Springfield, Ohio, we’ve got you covered. With a contemporary roof design, the Gable shed is a natural fit in any modern landscape. A straightforward, open design allows you to store large lawn equipment and patio furniture with ease. Check out our 3-D builder to customize your shed. If you need your shed right away, you can go through our available inventory