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We have a lot of shed styles (13 to be exact) for you to choose from. But, our customer base is much more unique than just 13 shed styles. We are here to accommodate your need for space. So, if you have a unique design or special feature you would like incorporated in your small building, we’ll make it happen. We do custom work because we love our customers. Bring your imagination. We can create what you have in mind.

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COVID-19 Update from Beachy Barns


Per the Governor’s orders, our office is closed and production is stopped for the duration of the mandate. We are still available to answer calls and emails if you are interested in getting quotes or needing questions answered.


Our buildings on inventory remain open and available for you to browse.


If you are an essential business that is in immediate need of a building for assisting in this crisis we will do all we can to serve you and get a building delivered ASAP.