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We have a lot of shed styles (13 to be exact) for you to choose from. But our customer base is much more unique than just 13 shed styles. We are here to accommodate your need for space. So, if you have a unique design or special feature you would like incorporated into your small building, we’ll make it happen. We do custom work because we love our customers. Bring your imagination. We can create what you have in mind.

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Free Custom Shed Delivery In Ohio

All of our Custom Sheds come with free delivery for the first 50 miles from our office. We are happy to go beyond 50 miles, but please know additional fees will apply. To learn more about this service, contact us.


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4 Advantages of Getting a Custom Shed

Do you wish for a shed that is completely designed to meet your individual needs? Are you looking for a shed that not only keeps your belongings safe but also adds to your home’s curb appeal? Because your shed is one of your property’s most vital buildings, it is reasonable to put extra thought into its purchase.

Let’s take a look at the most crucial reasons for choosing a customized shed.

1. You Need A Unique Style

Perhaps you researched the available shed styles and did not find the perfect fit. Customized sheds offer you an adaptable storage shed solution. A custom storage shed can be customized to meet your specific taste, whether that be modern, vintage, retro, you name it. Any size, shape, or style becomes a reality with a custom shed.

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2. You Can Match Your House Style

The shed style for your property is heavily influenced by personal taste and aesthetic preferences. Some people prefer their shed to match their house. With custom sheds, you may pick and choose any shed style, roofing, and color you want to create an exact or near match for your home.

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3. You Need A Unique Size

The size of your shed is important. It all depends on how much room you have and where you want your shed to be placed. The size of your shed becomes extremely significant depending on how you want to utilize it. You may also choose the size of your shed based on the items you plan to put inside. If you need a unique size for your shed, custom-built sheds can adapt to your specific size needs.

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4. Your Shed Needs A Unique Shape

The overall shape of your shed will influence its convenience of use and curb appeal. With a custom shed, you can choose the best shape for your needs, your yard space, and your desired shed look.  Whether you require a higher roof for your shed or the footprint needs to be an L-shape instead of a rectangle, ordering a custom shed makes your needs possible.

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Potential Benefits Of A Custom Shed

1. Better Durability

Although Beachy Barns are already built to high-quality standards, there may be certain parts of the building on which you want further upgrades.

The type of materials you choose for your specific shed needs can contribute to why customized sheds may require less repair.  For example, you may want to choose upgraded siding or roofing materials that will lead to less maintenance in the long run.


2. Increased Home Value

Another benefit of custom-built sheds is that they can help increase the overall value of your home. This is especially important if you intend to sell your home in the future. A more personalized shed distinguishes your property from the rest of the neighborhood. You can bet that buyers will be willing to pay a higher price for it as well. As a result, you can earn a decent return on investment.

If you need a custom shed, get in touch today for your custom quote!