Vinyl Siding for Storage Sheds

February 7, 2022      News and Tips

vinyl sided storage shed for sale in ohio

Why Shed Siding Matters

Shed siding is necessary, but it can also be very attractive. Siding is used to protect the structure of your shed from the elements, but at the same time, it is also a very important aspect of the overall beauty and curb appeal of your property.

There are several low-cost siding options that may appear to be a quick and economical answer in the short term but could cause a plethora of difficulties in the future. For example, wood panel siding is a beautiful option, but only if it is properly maintained.  Failure to maintain wood siding could result in rotting, termites, or water damage.  Another cheap siding option is metal.  Metal siding can be durable but can also look absolutely terrible if it begins to rust. 

With each new remodel or outside addition, the thought of selling your house is always at the back of your mind. When investing in a shed, you should also be thinking about the overall curb appeal of your property and make sure you are purchasing an appropriate level of style and quality for your neighborhood. Your shed’s quality and value will be influenced by the siding you choose, which will have an overall impact on the value of your home.

storage shed with vinyl siding for sale in ohio

When Is A Vinyl Storage Shed The Best Choice?

Choosing the correct exterior shed wall material is important when building a shed. There’s a narrow line between saving money on supplies and building a cheap structure that won’t last long. No matter what siding material you choose, quality is important.

 If you are the DIY type with extra time on the weekends, wood siding can be a great choice.  In an ideal situation, your wood siding should be painted every five years to ensure that it will not succumb to rot and decay in the elements.  It should also be inspected periodically to make sure that you are not dealing with an insect invasion from pests like carpenter bees or termites.  Your shed and everything in it is an investment. If you don’t have time to maintain your wooden-sided shed properly, your investment will be at risk.  Wood is beautiful, but your maintenance is so much higher with wooden siding.

Vinyl-sided sheds combine the ease of low maintenance with the unparalleled beauty and appearance of wood. Woodpeckers, carpenter, bees, and termites, will have no fun trying to ruin a shed with vinyl siding. Vinyl siding also will not absorb water and rot after a driving rain. Although vinyl siding can oxidize over time, it will maintain its bright “new” appearance much longer than a wooden shed.  Oxidation and occasional green mildew buildup can also be easily cleaned with soap and water or a pressure washer when needed.  This process is much simpler than a new paint job.

The final reason to get a vinyl-sided shed is that you can usually match it perfectly to the style of your house. Since most houses are sided in vinyl, matching your shed to your house is the best thing you can do for home value and curb appeal.

When beauty, curb appeal, and low maintenance are what you are looking for in a shed, vinyl siding will always be the better choice.

storag shed with vinyl siding

Vinyl Siding Quality Details 

Vinyl sheds have the benefit of being low-maintenance. Manufacturers offer vinyl siding in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and designs. On our 3D Builder, you can easily visualize the different colors that are available on our vinyl-sided sheds. When you get a shed from a custom builder like Beachy Barns, you also have the option of choosing a completely custom siding style if one of our standard ones is not what you want. 

Vinyl siding is also weatherproof and doesn’t need to be painted. It won’t decay, crack, flake, blister, or even be harmed by insects. 

Vinyl is a long-lasting material that won’t ding or fade. It should last 30 years or more, depending on the brand of vinyl you choose. In summary, vinyl siding has many advantages, including versatility, durability, lifespan, excellent weather resistance when installed correctly, and low maintenance.


vinyl siding shed for sale in plain city ohio

What To Know When Choosing Shed Siding

There are several variables in this decision involved depending on the area you live in. Your choice of shed siding will have an impact on your price, maintenance, and appearance.

shed with vinyl siding for sale in plain city ohio

What Level Of Water Resistance Is Necessary?

 Water damage is extremely expensive to repair, what do you need to consider? If the siding is built of composite material, it can be waterproof. Vinyl siding, for example, is waterproof because it is mostly made of plastic. Wood on the other hand can absorb moisture and requires a sealer, such as paint, to help it resist moisture.

If your shed is in an area where there are often driving rains, you need to be diligent in inspecting your shed from time to time to make sure that it is still properly sealed.

Another problem area is if you have a lot of close landscaping and shrubs to your building. If you have a wood-sided shed, you need to make sure that you keep your landscaping trimmed and clear from the shed.  Bushes that are too close to the shed can help trap moisture against the walls that leads to rotting. Vinyl siding is naturally waterproof and will not be bothered by tight landscaping.

shed for sale 10x12 oh

What Is Your Budget?

 You’ll definitely want to keep your budget in mind before you make a decision on the siding. Different types of siding are more expensive than others. The type of siding you choose will directly affect the overall price of your new building. 

For example, at Beachy Barns our basic 8×10 Gable Shed costs 28% more for vinyl siding versus wood.  If you opt for a bigger Gable Shed like a 16×28 that price increase is less pronounced, but still at about 22%.  You can do your own comparison of current prices on our Gable Shed page.

shed with vinyl siding for sale in ohio

Will It Look Good? 

Simply put, the shed siding type you select has an influence on the entire appearance of your shed. Do you like the look of a classic wooden shed or a vinyl shed? Consider color as well. Some types of shed siding are available in a variety of colors, while others are more limited. The majority of homeowners select an outdoor shed that complements the style and color of their home. 

Matching your home will always be easier with a vinyl-sided shed.  Most of the time, you can even use the exact siding that you used on the house. Wood siding can sometimes get you very close to the look of your house in some circumstances (especially in the rare case that your house has wooden siding), but often your wood-sided shed will be a noticeable difference from the house.

In the end, most of us will prefer to go with vinyl siding if simple clean aesthetics is our main goal.

storage building with vinyl siding for sale in ohio

Is it Durable? 

Don’t forget that your outdoor shed is outside. Wherever you live, you want a shed that can resist the elements. If you live in a very rainy area, for example, you may want to avoid wood siding, which is prone to decay, or metal siding, which might corrode. 

Also, don’t forget that a vinyl-sided shed is resistant to dings and scratches. If your kid accidentally throws a baseball at your shed or you get too close to it with a lawnmower, vinyl can resist the impact a bit better than wood.  If you do happen to severely damage your vinyl siding, it can be fixed much easier than broken wood panel siding.

sheds with vinyl siding for sale in dayton oh

How Much Maintenance Is Needed?

While most shed siding choices are generally long-lasting, some require more maintenance than others to keep them appearing and working at their best. Consider how much painting, cleaning, and repair work you’re willing to do and remember that vinyl will always be less.

vinyl sided gable sheds for sale ohio

The Two Types Siding We Offer At Beachy Barns

At Beachy Barns, there are two main types of siding that we offer: Duratemp wood panel and Vinyl. We have already talked about some of the differences between wood and vinyl, but our duratemp does offer some advantages that not all shed companies can offer.

Duratemp has a strong plywood inner core with a tough hardboard face that won’t crack or split like regular wood. It has the appearance of rough sawn cedar without defects. This is the best choice for painting because it comes factory primed, ready to paint, and the paint lasts longer than on bare wood products. A 6-10 year life span can be expected before repainting. Primed trim is used on Duratemp buildings. Duratemp siding comes with a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Vinyl Siding is installed over full ½” OSB subsiding. Vinyl soffits are vented, and a ridge vent comes standard on vinyl buildings. Doors and facia are trimmed with aluminum for a totally maintenance-free structure. A variety of colors for this siding and trim are available. White Fiberglass doors come standard with vinyl buildings and can be painted to match vinyl colors.

vinyl siding garden shed with nice ramp near dayton ohio

Want To Take The Next Step?

Whether you are convinced that a vinyl-sided shed is right for you, or you would rather get one of our high-quality duratemp wood-sided sheds, let’s begin the conversation! Visit our website to discover more storage shed styles.

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