Custom Sheds vs. Shed Kits The Battle of the Sheds

May 22, 2020      News and Tips

The age-old question: to buy or not to buy? Making the right decision can be hard and option paralysis is a very real condition. That’s why we need facts. Cold hard facts. Something to give us direction in all this chaos. But you’ve made it this far. You’ve narrowed it down to either a custom shed or a shed kit. But how do you know which to choose. That’s what I want to try to help with in this blog post. We’re going to pit custom sheds and shed kits against each other and in the end, we can see who comes out the winner. We will use 9 criteria to determine the best shed. These will be materials, price, durability, set-up, mobility, space, protection, maintenance, and customizability. So now, let the games begin!


There are many different types of shed kits. Some are built using precut wood and others are made of vinyl. However, in order to be more cost effective, shed kits usually use lower quality materials. This means that the materials, especially wood, may not be treated or pressured correctly. In order to avoid these problems, it is recommended that cheaper shed kits be avoided.

Materials used to build custom sheds varies depending on the builder. At Beachy Barns, sheds are built with all wood frames, Duratemp, T-111 Plywood, or Vinyl siding, metal or shingle roofing, and plywood flooring. These materials are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. However, some materials are stronger than others. Duratemp for example is generally expected to last longer than T-111 plywood. For more information on materials, visit the Beachy Barns construction details page.

In regards to materials, custom sheds generally use higher quality materials than shed kits. Winner: Custom sheds.

custom shed cape cod


One of the best aspects of shed kits is their cost effectiveness. A high-quality shed kit will usually range anywhere between $1000-$4000. If necessary, there are options under $1000 but their quality is much less certain.

Custom sheds, like our gable shed, can be very affordable or very expensive depending on what exactly you are looking for. Because custom sheds are custom, a price estimate cannot be given until the builder knows what you want. Check out this link to get a custom shed quote.

In general, shed kits provide a more affordable option than customs sheds. Winner: Shed kits.


The durability of shed kits depends on the quality of the kit. However, in general, a shed kit is expected to last anywhere from 5-10 years. Depending on the manufacturer, a shed kit may also come with some type of warranty.

Custom sheds from Beachy Barns are built to last for decades. All custom sheds come with a 10-year warranty as well as 40-year, 50-year, or even lifetime warranties on most of the materials.

Custom sheds are made to last much longer than shed kits. Winner: Custom sheds.

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Shed kits are designed to be DIY projects. If the kit is well-designed, it should take around 12 hours to assemble. However, many kits do not come with floors meaning that additional set-up time is necessary. Also, poorly designed shed kits can be very difficult to assemble.

Custom sheds from Beachy Barns are assembled on-site by an assembly team meaning absolutely no work for you.

No set-up is required for custom sheds: Winner: Custom sheds.


If you want to move a shed kit after it has been assembled, it should be possible to disassemble it by following the assembly instructions in reverse. This makes shed kits fairly mobile. Also, because shed kits are relatively light, it may be possible to move it while it is still assembled.

Custom sheds are not built to be disassembled but it can still be possible to move them. It will require some heavier machinery that most people do not have. The manufacturer of the shed may be able to help you reposition it.

Because shed kits are DIY, it is much easier to move them. Winner: Shed kits.

shed kits vs custom sheds
beautful custom sheds


Shed kits are designed to be DIY which means it is not practical for them to be very large. Most shed kits are within the 10×12 – 10×16 range and it is hard to find any that are much larger than 12×24.

Because custom sheds are custom designed to fit your needs and are assembled by a professional team, custom sheds can be very large. The largest size offered by Beachy Barns is 16×32.

Custom sheds can be much larger than shed kits. Winner: Custom sheds.


High-quality shed kits should provide protection under very harsh conditions. As long as the materials used are well treated, a shed kit should safely protect your belongings for the entire span of its life. However, low-quality shed kits are very likely to allow moisture and mold to damage the contents.

All of the materials in Beachy Barns custom sheds are treated to ensure that they protect your belongings. They will withstand wind, rain, and snow.

Due to custom sheds’ higher quality construction, they will do a better job of protecting your belongings. Winner: Custom sheds.

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The maintenance required for shed kits depends on the quality of the shed kit. Maintenance usually means replacing damaged materials, refastening loose materials, or fixing incorrectly installed materials. Because shed kits are not professionally assembled and use lower quality materials, it is more likely that you will have to do some maintenance.

Custom sheds from Beachy Barns are designed to be as maintenance-free as possible. After several years of use, it may be necessary to repaint your shed. Also, it is a good idea to keep vegetation such as weeds from growing on the shed because it holds moisture which can damage the wood.

Because custom sheds are professionally assembled and use high-quality materials, they are less likely to require maintenance. Winner: Custom sheds.


Shed kits not designed to be customizable meaning that it may be very difficult to add any modifications. However, it is possible and there is an abundance of blogs and videos that can walk you through the process.

Custom sheds are just that; designed to be customized to fit your needs. Beachy barns has an abundance of features and add-ons that can be selected for your custom shed. We are also willing to make more specific modifications to fulfill your needs.

Not very surprisingly, custom sheds are much more customizable than shed kits. Winner: Custom sheds.

And the Verdict

Based on all the criteria, custom sheds are the winner! If you are looking for a shed that will give you great value for your money, a custom shed is the perfect option. Click the links below to get a quote on a custom shed or to start designing your own custom shed.

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