The Ultimate 12 Shed Bar Ideas Uses For 2024

June 22, 2021      News and Tips

Are you a host or hostess at heart? Perhaps you love throwing parties or entertaining people at your home.

You got the skills and the group of friends you want to spend time with, but you may run into this dilemma…Your space for entertainment or parties is growing a bit stale or a bit cramped.

Fortunately, your creative juices are already sweetening the prospects of your hosting future! You are at the right spot for inspiration!

lake bar shed idea in central ohio

Right now, shed bars open another “galaxy” of entertainment. Thankfully much closer to home than outer space ?, yet definitely outside of your usual hosting spaces.

Enjoy being inspired by the following affordable and super cool 12 shed bar ideas. Plus, check out how shed bars are useful for more than just hosting in one’s backyard.

Cheers to the invention of the shed bar and to your creative genius!

Introducing 12 Ultimate Shed Bar Ideas & Uses

she shed bar shed for sale in central ohio
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First, what is a Shed Bar?

A shed bar is literally a shed that comes with a granite or stainless-steel bar with double bar doors or a mono overhead garage door.

The interior of the bar shed offers sufficient space for a refrigerator, shelving, and countertops where you can serve drinks and prepare food, all while chatting with your friends as they sit right in front of you.

A shed bar gives you a central outdoor location that marries the best of nature with the best of indoor seating. Basically, a shed bar expands your power to host at an affordable price.

Now onward to discovering those 12-epic shed bar ideas!

1. The Party Shed Bar

If you love throwing parties, a shed bar will certainly raise the bar on your celebration! Imagine throwing your best friend’s bridal shower, or baby shower right in your backyard! Birthday parties, bachelor parties, work promotion parties, just because parties…basically you can party hard with the addition of a bar shed in your backyard.

2. Tropical Shed Bar

tiki bar shed for sale near dayton ohio

Do you like the idea of bringing a touch of Hawaii or the tropics to your backyard?

If your hosting style tends to cater to pineapples and chicken skewers, tropical fruit, Pina Colada, or Hawaiian Ham…do yourself a favor and get yourself a tropical looking shed bar!

3. The Lakeside Shed Bar

A lake. A shed bar. Cold drinks. Late nights. YES! A lakeside bar shed is genius for creating a fun entertaining experience for yourself and your friends.

Even if the closest lake is 50 miles away, a lakeside bar shed still connects with the wonderful feeling of being outdoors. Of course, a lakeside bar shed is even better set right by a sparkling lake.

4. Espresso Shed Bar

Are you a self-trained barista? Perhaps, you are a coffee fanatic/specialist and those closest to believe you should start your own coffee shop.

If you are not sold on the challenges of starting a coffee shop, why not simplify everything by going with an…Expresso Bar Shed! A bar shed offers the perfect spot to treat your friends to your coffee specialties.

5. Chill Out Shed Bar

outdoor hangout bar shed in ohio

Are you wishing to create a relaxing environment with your shed bar?

If so, simply add a few cozy chairs, bean bags, or your favorite kick-back seating under the cover of a small pavilion or pergola and get ready to chill out with your family or friends.

Creating an environment where good drinks, good conversation, delicious food, and relaxation happen with ease are the results of a Chill Out Shed Bar.

6. Ladies Only Shed Bar

she shed bar shed for sale in central ohio

Ladies love their drinks, girl time, and chatting, right?! So, why not create a Ladies Only Shed Bar, as a creative twist to She Sheds.

No need to always meet up at restaurants or cafes. Just invite your friends to your shed bar!

Enjoy filling your shed bar with all kinds of delicious drinks and foods, and stunning décor that makes way for a good ole’ time with your gals.

7. Barbecue Central

barbecue bar shed for sale near springfield ohio

Are you a grill master? If so, barbeques + shed bars = the perfect hosting combo.

Enjoy hosting your friends to a cookout where they can top off their perfectly grilled burgers and veggies with an ice-cold drink handed to them by you right out of the fridge. Note: You never stepped a foot inside your home.

Take your outdoor cookouts up a notch (or two) by partnering with a bar shed.

8. Concession Stand

shed bar idea as a concession stand near springfield ohio

“Take me out to the ballgame. Take me out to the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks…” You know the rest ?.

A bar shed serves as the perfect concession stand. If your school board is needing a new concession stand, please give a shout out for a shed bar!

9. Ticket Booth

ticket booth concession stand shed bar in ohio

News Flash: Shed Bars can at times serve more than just good drinks and food ?…sometimes they serve tickets. A shed bar looks pretty good posed as a ticket booth, wouldn’t you say?! ?

10. Pool Party Shed Bar

pool house bar shed for sale near dayton ohio

Do you own a backyard pool? If so, you cannot get much cooler than the above picture! Check out the story behind this very shed bar! Imagine serving your friends their ice-cold favorites out of a shed bar while they literally chill in your pool. Your hosting will undoubtedly be the talk of the town.

11. Entertainment Central

bar sheds for sale near dayton oh

Do you enjoy watching the game with your friends? If so, why not create an entertainment central with the help of a shed bar.

Simply hang up a widescreen TV inside your shed and just watch… every game or new show, friends will be subtly finding ways to join you and your shed bar.

12. The Snack Station

How does the word “snacks” affect you? If you are a snacky person, who loves to share snacks with your friends, you need a snack station. A shed bar offers the perfect space to fill with everyone’s favorite snacks.

No one can resist the offer to sit down, eat something sweet or salty, and end by washing it down with a refreshing swig. Especially when the person offering the snacks is you.

The Very Best of Shed Bars Start and End with YOU!

enjoying a shed bar near columbus ohio

Just know that the one behind the shed bar, is the one who brings the smiles, the laugher, and the good times to everyone…and that someone is you. Nothing beats peering over your granite bar, past the drinks and the food, to see your friends enjoying the good time you created.

As they catch your eye, smile, and throw engaging comments your way, you can enjoy the deep satisfaction that comes with being the hero, the super host, and the friend who made everyone’s night.

More than just a shed bar, your welcoming and creative hosting touches and friendship, is what truly brings your closest friends and family together.


Get Your Very Own Shed Bar Today & Start Making New Memories!

prefab shed bar ideas near columbus ohio

Have you caught a vision or inspiration for new hosting opportunities this year? Do you feel fresh excitement tugging at your heart’s strings?

If so, prepare to have your knack for hosting further empowered with a bar shed of your very own!

You know your hosting sweet spots, and with a bar shed your hosting can reach much farther than just your living room.

Your ideal shed bar awaits discovery! You got this! Cheers to a new hosting spot and many happy memories to come!


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