Zoning and permits for small buildings.

building permit

With nearly every customer we work with, we discuss zoning and building permits. Like many things, the answer to the question “Do I need a permit for my building?” is. “It depends.”
We work in many counties and townships in and around Central Ohio. As much as we wish there would be one blanket answer about permits, that is not the case.
However, there are some basic guidelines that hold true in most areas.

1. Most areas require a zoning permit for all buildings or all buildings over a certain size. A zoning permit is normally issued by your township or city. The main information they will need is where you are placing the building on your lot. These permits tend to be easy to get. Often the permit will be issued the same day.

2. Generally, buildings over 200 square feet need to have a building permit. Building permits are usually issued by the county. Where a zoning permit is concerned with where the building is going on your lot, the building permit is dealing with how the building is constructed. We can provide drawings and information that you can take to the county to apply for the building permit.

These are just a couple of guidelines and each area is different. If you want to discuss your situation specially, give us a call.
The bottom line is that, in some cases, permits are needed, but it is not a difficult process. And while we cannot get the permit for you, we can guide you through the process.

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