16x24 Gable Prefab Garage in Ohio

Building Details
Date Completed 8/1/2022
Location Columbus, Ohio
Building Type Gable Garage
Size 16×24
Siding Material Vinyl
Siding Color White
Roofing Material Metal
Roof Color Matte Black
Trim Color White
Door Color White


About This 16×24 Gable Prefab Garage in Ohio

This is a gable prefab garage that we installed in Ohio. The steep roof pitch of the gable garage style gives ample space to add a loft towards the back of this building. The overall design of this building is simple and gives the flexibility of placing doors and windows on any wall. If you want to design your own shed, take a look at our 3-D builder. If you want to take advantage of getting a shed quickly, take a look at our available inventory.