12 x 16 Garden Cottage Shed in Delaware, Ohio

Building Details

Date Completed : 10/18/2022
Location : Delaware, Ohio
Building Type : Cottage
Size : 12 x 16
Siding Material : Dura Temp
Siding Color : Pine Needle
Roofing Material : Metal
Roofing Color : Brandywine
Trim Color : Olive
Door Color : White


About This Shed In Delaware, Ohio

Finding the right shed in Delaware, Ohio, is as easy! We created this 12×16 cottage-style shed to be used as a garden shed. We think the two entryways are a great way to get the most out of the shed you purchase. If you want to design your own cottage shed, take a look at our 3-D builder. If you want to take advantage of getting a shed quickly, take a look at our available inventory.