10x20 Retreat Cabin in Columbus Ohio

Building Details
Date Completed 8/3/2022
Location Columbus, Ohio
Building Type Retreat
Size 10×20
Siding Material Duratemp
Siding Color Dark Red
Roofing Material Shingles
Roof Color Charcoal
Trim Color White
Door Color Dark Red



About This 10×20 Retreat Cabin in Columbus Ohio

This is a beautiful Retreat cabin that we installed in Columbus, Ohio. These buildings are often thought of as additional storage units, but they can be so much more. One of the items we provide is a cabin shed or retreat shed, which can be customized to meet the demands of each customer. If you want to design your own cabin, take a look at our 3-D builder. If you want to take advantage of getting a cabin quickly, take a look at our available inventory.