10x20 Cape Cod in Delaware, Ohio

Building Details

Date Completed :03/25/2023
Location :Delaware, Ohio
Building Type :Cape Cod
Size :10 x 20
Siding Material :Duratemp
Siding Color :Dark Gray
Roofing Material :Metal
Roofing Color :Charcoal
Trim Color :Light Gray
Door Color :Dark Gray




About This 10×20 Cape Cod in Delaware, Ohio

If you’re looking for a high-quality shed in Delaware, Ohio, we’ve got you covered. The Cape Cod shed features a steeper roof that provides the extra space needed to add a loft if you want to maximize your space. The Cape Cod style gives the design flexibility of placing doors and windows on any wall. Check out our 3-D builder to customize your shed. If you need your building right away, you can go through our available inventory.