10x14 Quaker Storage Shed in Beavercreek Ohio

Building Details

Date Completed :10/07/2023
Location :Beavercreek, Ohio
Building Type :Quaker
Size :10 x 14
Siding Material :Duratemp
Siding Color :Taupe
Roofing Material :Metal
Roofing Color :Evergreen
Trim Color :White
Door Color :White



10×14 Quaker Storage Shed in Beavercreek Ohio

If you’re seeking a premium shed in Beavercreek, Ohio, you’ve come to the right place. Our attractive shed design offers the finest quality to meet your needs. With a large overhang, the Quaker Sheds give you ample space to get out of the rain while opening the doors. Check out our 3-D builder to customize your shed. If you need your building right away, you can go through our available inventory.

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