10×14 Gable Shed for Your Backyard in Columbus Ohio

Building Details
Date Completed8/1/2022
LocationColumbus, Ohio
Building TypeGable
Siding MaterialDuratemp
Siding ColorOlive
Roofing MaterialShingles
Roof ColorCharcoal
Trim ColorWhite
Door ColorOlive



About This 10×14 Gable Shed in Columbus Ohio

This is a 10×14 Gable Shed that we installed in Columbus Ohio. Gable style layout allows you to place doors or windows on any wall of the building, giving you more options for placement in your lawn. This building works great for common storage and space solutions, while also being a great option for home studio sheds or other custom uses. If you want to design your own shed, take a look at our 3-D builder. If you want to take advantage of getting a shed quickly, take a look at our available inventory.




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