Blooming Bus A Garden on Wheels

October 16, 2015      Customer Stories

The best time to talk about flowers and gardening is in the spring. This time of year, when the days are getting short and there is a chill in the morning air, it would be better to talk about fall colors, combines in the fields and pumpkin spice flavored everything.

Inappropriate time of year aside, we were recently at a customer’s business location and saw something that made us stop short and get out the camera.

The customer’s business is Meadow View Growers and because this is a Beachy Barns blog, I will start by showing you a picture of the building they have from us.

meadow view growers storage shed

It is a nice little custom building that they use for a checkout building at their greenhouse. However, the building, as nice as it may be, is not what made us get our camera out.

If the question you have been asking yourself is “What would it look like if a bus had thousands of plants growing on it?”, then here is your answer.

Meadow View Growers planted this bus back in February in their green house.

They water it every other day and it has been driven in a dozen parades this summer.

For more information on the bus, check out the Meadow View Growers bus page.

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