Premier Highwall Spacious Barn Sheds for A Spacious Life

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The Premier Highwall has the same roof design as the Classic Barn Shed but with higher sidewalls, making this our tallest building. The high sidewalls and taller roof design give plenty of storage below and above the lofts in each end of the building. Out of all our sheds, this barn shed design has the largest cubic feet of space.

Because of its overall height, the Premier Highwall needs to be built on-site.

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Size DuraTemp Vinyl
10x10 $4235 $5050
10x12 $4695 $5515
10x14 $5135 $5980
10x16 $5615 $6465
10x20 $6535 $7405
12x14 $5730 $6730
12x16 $6140 $7195
12x20 $7100 $8225
12x24 $8060 $9190
14x20 $8305 $9440
14x24 $9325 $10415
16x20 $9505 $10710
16x24 $10460 $11595
16x28 $11410 $12515
16x32 $12370 $13450

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Rent to Own Available
$250 charge for Built On-Site
Free Delivery within 50 miles of Plain City, OH

Rent to Own NOT Available
Built On-Site ONLY
Free Delivery within 50 miles of Plain City, OH

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