Sheds For Sale In Beaver Creek, Ohio

Need a bit more space in your backyard? As a family-owned company, Beachy Barns is build your shed or garage near the Beaver Creek, Ohio, area. We will collaborate with you on your new shed from design to completion.  We provide a great selection of styles that may be customized in almost any size and color to suit your particular requirements.

Sheds and Prefab Garages In Beaver Creek, Ohio

gable sheds for sale near beaver creek ohio

Gable Shed in Beaver Creek, Ohio

A modern A-frame structure is the Gable Shed design. If you want to use the interior of your shed in a variety of ways but only require basic storage space, this is the shed for you. The simple design of this building makes it easy to adapt to any purpose you need, whether your property is near or directly in Beaver Creek, Ohio. 

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cottage sheds for sale near beaver creek ohio

Cottage Sheds in Beaver Creek, Ohio

Are you looking for a shed to add some style to your backyard? Cottage sheds have a very modern look and can make your backyard look brand-new. The cottage shed features a beautiful transom window that lets in lots of natural light. 

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quaker sheds rent to own near beaver creek ohio

Quaker sheds in Beaver Creek, Ohio

If you are living in Beaver Creek and looking for a storage shed with a classic look the Quaker shed is the style for you. The Quaker Shed Style adds a bit of “old-world charm” to your storage building with its distinctive offset roof and extra overhang in the front. The extra roof also offers a bit of rain protection when opening and closing the doors. Contact us for more info.

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classic portable sheds for sale near beaver creek ohio

Classic Style Shed in Beaver Creek, Ohio

Are you located in Beaver Creek, Ohio, and are searching for a shed with additional headroom? The classic barn-style sheds have the headroom required to add a loft for additional storage. Some of the included standard features are as follows: 2×8 top plate on sidewalls, 5’ sidewalls on 12’ wide and wider. Get in touch with us today.

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buy custom sheds near beaver creek county ohio

Custom Sheds in Beaver Creek, Ohio

Are you looking for a unique storage shed that will meet your unique needs? As a family-owned local custom builder, we would be delighted to talk with you about your exact requirements and to assist you in making your custom shed dreams a reality. Get in touch with us.

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prefab garage for sale near beaver creek ohio

Prefab Garages in Beaver Creek, Ohio

Are you looking to purchase a prefabricated garage? We have a great selection of prefabricated garages in Beaver Creek, Ohio. Prefab garages are an excellent low-cost replacement for traditional garages. Additionally, they might require less time to install than traditional garages. If you want a concrete floor in your garage, we can do an on-site build for you.

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Sheds Built On-Site in Beaver Creek, Ohio

sheds built onsite near beaver creek ohio

Are you concerned you don’t have space for delivery of our prefab sheds? When homes have a backyard fence that is difficult to remove, problems like this are common. This is why we specialize in “on-site” construction. For on-site construction, we pre-fabricate as much as we off-site at our shop near Beaver Creek, Ohio. on-site shed construction in Beaver Creek, Ohio can frequently be finished in a few hours using this technique. To get a quote for an on-site shed in Beaver Creek, click the button below.

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