Sheds in Indian Lake, Ohio

Are you looking for a durable and secure space to store your backyard tools or other items that are cluttering up your property? Check out our storage sheds in around Indian Lake,  Ohio, and find the perfect addition to your property!

Beachy Barns is your local shed builder near Indian Lake, Ohio. We build custom prefab buildings for a variety of needs. Whether you need a space for storage, hobbies, or a weekend retreat, we have the building styles and sizes you need. Check out our wide range of sheds, cabins, and more to find just the building you need for your property!

Sheds in Indian Lake, Ohio

Gable Sheds in Indian Lake Ohio

Gable Sheds in Indian Lake, Ohio

Our Gable Sheds add a charming look to your property while giving you plenty of practical storage space. Within this style of shed, you can choose the size and custom features you want to make the building your own. Whether you’re looking for small or large sheds near Indian Lake, Ohio, we have what you need. Choose a gable shed to add storage space to your backyard without compromising the aesthetics of your property!

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Quaker Sheds in Indian Lake Ohio

Quaker Sheds in Indian Lake, Ohio

Quaker Sheds feature a unique overhanging roof on the front of the building that gives it a distinct and quaint look. These sheds we build near Indian Lake Ohio, range in size from 8×14 to 16×28. You can choose a size within that range depending on what you need your shed for. Whether you need a space for your art studio, for storing your gardening tools, or for seasonal decorations, this shed will give you the secure space you need!

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Cape Cod Sheds in Indian Lake Ohio

Cape Cod Shed in Indian Lake, Ohio

Check out our Cape Cod Sheds in Indian Lake, Ohio! These sheds are set apart from the rest with their a-frame roof. This gives them a sleek and classy finish that fits into the rest of your property. Not only does the peaked roof look great, but it also allows for the storage of taller items. These sheds make perfect space to transform into home offices or hobby sheds because of the spacious interior.

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Cottage Sheds in Indian Lake Ohio

Cottage Sheds in Indian Lake, Ohio

Our Cottage Sheds make perfect garden sheds or hobby sheds! Their unique and charming design makes them a great choice for someone looking for more aesthetic sheds in Indian Lake, Ohio. Choose the size you need between 10×12 and 12×16, depending on the amount of space that you have on your property. You can choose the custom options and colors that you want to blend your new shed in with the landscape of your property.

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Mini Barn Sheds in Indian Lake Ohio

Mini Barn Sheds in Indian Lake, Ohio

If you need a practical and durable storage option, our Mini Barn Sheds are a great option for you! These buildings provide you with plenty of space for tools, outdoor equipment, and more. Coming at the lowest cost per square foot, these sheds don’t compromise on quality because of their lower price tag. Our sheds are built near Indian Lake, Ohio, offering your valuables a secure and protected storage space.

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Classic Barn Sheds in Indian Lake Ohio

Barn Sheds in Indian Lake, Ohio

Embrace the timeless appeal of our classic shed, featuring our original shed design. With the charming barn aesthetic of the mini barn, this shed offers more headspace and the option to include a loft for additional storage capacity. Choose both aesthetics and extra space with these sheds close to Indian Lake, Ohio!

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Highwall Sheds in Indian Lake Ohio

Highwall Barn Shed in Indian Lake, Ohio

When it comes to maximizing storage space, our Highwall Barns are the ideal choice! Select from the standard Highwall Barn or choose more headroom with our Premier Highwall Barn. Featuring a gambrel-style roof, these sheds provide extra space for storage or just for a more open feel of the interior. Customize the placement of windows, doors, and add various other options to tailor it to your preferences!

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Cabin Sheds in Indian Lake Ohio

Cabin Sheds in Indian Lake, Ohio

Are you looking to add in a Cabin Shed near Indian Lake, Ohio!? Whether it’s nested in the middle of the woods or situated on the shores of the lake, these small cabins make the perfect weekend retreat. Choose to fully finish the interior or leave it rustic to fully enjoy the beauty of nature without any distractions. Enjoy coffee on the front porch of your prefab cabin while you watch the sunrise!

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Retreat Sheds in Indian Lake Ohio

Retreat Sheds in Indian Lake, Ohio

If you’re looking for a shed with a porch and a timeless design, the Retreat Sheds in Indian Lake Ohio, are the ideal choice. With their 4-foot wide porches, these deluxe sheds provide versatility for a cozy rocking chair retreat or practical uses like storing firewood. The possibilities for this prefab shed design are truly endless!

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Custom Sheds in Indian Lake Ohio

Custom Sheds builds near Indian Lake, Ohio

For those seeking custom sheds in Indian Lake Ohio, and haven’t discovered the perfect fit, we provide the opportunity to fully customize your building. With our expertise in designing and constructing unique sheds tailored to your individual needs, we can bring your visions to life. Whether it’s a pool house, a cozy man cave, or any personalized shed concept, our specialization lies in turning your ideas into reality.

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Modern Studio Sheds in Indian Lake Ohio

Modern Sheds close to Indian Lake, Ohio

Elevate your backyard with our sleek and stylish Modern Studio Sheds in Indiana Lake, Ohio. These sheds are perfect for a pool house or garden shed, with their sloped roof and distinctive windows. The modern design makes these sheds stand out and adds a sophisticated touch to your property.

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Garage Sheds in Indian Lake Ohio

Garage Sheds in Indian Lake, Ohio

Are you in search of a protected parking space close to your Indian Lake, Ohio home? Check out our selection of prefab garages, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional options. Not only are these garages a practical choice, but they also boast quicker installation compared to conventional garages. If a concrete floor is your preference, we can arrange an on-site build to meet that requirement. Explore our range and choose the prefab garage that you need for your vehicles!


On-Site Built Sheds in Indian Lake, Ohio

On Site Sheds in Indian Lake Ohio

Concerned about space limitations affecting the delivery of your shed? It’s a common challenge, particularly with difficult-to-remove backyard fences. That’s why we offer “on-site” construction for tight spaces in and around Indian Lake, Ohio. Through this approach, we prefabricate as much as possible before arriving at the shed location and then complete the full construction at your desired site. To get a quote for an on-site shed in your area, click the button below.

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