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? Do you sell Amish sheds?

Many of our customers want to know if the sheds we build are Amish built sheds. While our sheds are not Amish built sheds, they are similar in construction and styling to Amish sheds you may have seen. We employ a team of experienced Mennonite craftsmen who use many of the same traditional building methods to build our custom sheds.

? Do you have buildings in stock ready for delivery?

Most of our buildings are made to order, but we do have lots of buildings on our home lot and at our dealers available for quick delivery. See our In Stock Sheds page for our in-stock selection.

? Do you build your buildings on site or are they delivered complete?

The answer to this question depends on the situation. Generally, buildings over 10 feet wide are built on site. 8 foot and 10 foot wide buildings can be delivered fully assembled if the site allows access at least as wide as the building. With our new mule, we can squeeze through many tight spots and travel across wet yards without damaging them. If the required space is not available, we can build your shed on site for an extra charge. See more delivery details here.

? Do you sell building kits so I can build my own shed?

No. All of our sheds are built to order to ensure the best build quality.

? How do I prepare my site for shed delivery?

Your new shed will require a level site for proper installation. There are many ways to prepare your site for shed delivery. The easiest and most economical method is creating a level stone pad for shed placement. This allows the building to settle and provides proper water drainage.

? Gravel or Stone Pad

Place measurement markers at the shed site that are 1 to 2 feet wider than the size of your finished building. Remove 4" of sod within the perimeter. Fill the area with #57 crushed stone or compacted 411 or 46D limestone. Tamp down the crushed stone until it is level. You can obtain crushed stone or compacted limestone from a local quarry. We do not recommend round gravel or pea gravel.

A word of advice about gravel pads. The pad should be completely level, not crowned in the center. We have noticed that even some professionals forget that there will be a building on the pad and have the center gravel higher than the edges.

If you wish to have your site professionally prepared, rather than handling the work yourself, we recommend Matt and Sons for professionally installed gravel pads. Contact Matt and Sons at 614-325-3869

? Concrete Slab

Preparing your site with a concrete pad provides a more permanent, level surface for your shed, but it is not required. If you would prefer a concrete slab for your site and aren't able to perform the work on your own, we recommend R Squared, Inc. Just call Rob Miller at 614-679-2648 for all your concrete needs.

? Cinder Blocks

While we can install your new shed on a cinder blocked pad, we don't recommend them as a rule. Cinder blocks often shift due to freezing and thawing and proper water drainage can also be an issue.

? How much does delivery cost?

If you live within 50 miles of our facility in Plain City, Ohio, shed delivery is free. Most sheds delivered to Columbus or Dayton, Ohio are included in our 50 mile radius. For additional delivery charges beyond 50 miles, please contact us!

? Do I need a permit for my new shed?

Requirements for permits vary from location to location. You will need to contact your municipality to determine if permits are required in your area for the size of shed you wish to purchase. We can provide you with drawings and specifications to take to your local building department, but we do not obtain permits for you.

? Should I get a treated floor for my shed?

As long as the building is in a dry area and ventilation is adequate, our standard shed floor is typically sufficient, unless a treated floor is required by code. Treated plywood flooring will only provide protection from rot, not delamination in high moisture conditions. The 2 x 6 treated floor is recommended when the building is used as a garage for a vehicle or in high moisture areas.

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Request a FREE shed quote in Ohio from Beachy BarnsRequest A Free Quote! Beachy Barns now has a 3D shed builder for Ohio storage barnsNEW! 3D Shed Builder