Welcome to the Beachy Barns blog. We are looking forward to interacting with our customers and future customers here.
Here is what you can expect to find on the blog.
1. Small building talk. We are passionate about small buildings and the needs they can meet, so we will be talking about what we know, and we know small buildings.
2. Case studies. The majority of our barns serve their owners as backyard storage sheds. However, we also see many other interesting uses and, from time to time, we will highlight some of the less known uses for our barns.
3. Answer questions. We notice some of the same questions about buildings being asked over and over. While we never tire of talking about sheds and barns, we will answer some of the common questions here to be more convenient for those that prefer to get their information online.
4. Plain City news and events. Our shop is on a converted farm out in the country a few miles south of Plain City. I will be honest here, things don’t usually happened very fast here in Plain City, but when they do, we will occasionally highlight them.
Above all, this is designed to serve our customers better, so if you have a comment or a subject you would like us to discuss, please feel free to grab our attention.
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