Not your grandpa’s yard barn

Usually, when we think of a backyard shed, we think of the basic building that is used to keep the lawnmowers and garden tools in. The reality is that most of our buildings go for exactly that. In most cases, the job of the shed is to get a bunch of stuff out of the garage so that the cars can reclaim their rightful place. However, it is always fun when people find new and unique uses for small buildings. We have seen playhouses, writing studios, hobby rooms, bunk houses, chicken coops, dog kennels and offices. This post is a little different. I will be highlighting unique uses of small buildings when we come across them, either from our business or articles I read. Let’s get started with this one… The Craft Shack. Someone did a great job of converting an existing 8×12 shed into a crafting space. Do you know of someone who has used a small building for a unique purpose? Let us know in the comments or via email.

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