How do you get that barn in my backyard?

We often get asked how do you get that building into my backyard.
The answer, like many things in life, is: It depends.
We have two main options for delivery, depending on the building you are buying. We will either deliver the building pre-built or we will build it on your site.
1. Pre-built. 
Many of our buildings get delivered pre-built. We build these buildings here at our shop near Plain City, OH and haul them to your backyard.

Pre-built sheds headed out

Pre-built sheds headed out.

There are several things that determine whether we can deliver your building like this.
a. What size building do you need? Because different style buildings have different size overhangs, the size we can deliver varies by style. Generally 10’ wide buildings can be delivered and, in some styles, 12’ wide. Keep in mind that this is the width; the length can be up to 28’ or more.
b. Can we access your backyard? Each property is different, so we will be asking questions about distances between buildings, gates and terrain.
Keep in mind that we do not need to get our truck in your yard to deliver a building. We have the “Mule Delivery System” (see picture below). This allows us to get in much tighter spots than we could ever get the truck and trailer. The Mule also is much lighter and has lower pressure tires so it treads much lighter on your lawn. The mule leaves no more tracks than an average size riding lawn mower would leave on your lawn.

The Mule ready to move a small barn.

The Mule ready to move a small barn.

2. On-Site Construction.
While our state of the art equipment and experienced, talented drivers can deliver to many back yards, there are some spots we just can’t get to and some buildings that are too large to take down the road.
For those cases, we have an on-site building crew.

Onsite Building Crew

On-site Building Crew

If we are building in your backyard, we still use the same construction; we just build in your backyard instead of in our shop.
We pre-build many of the components of your building and bring them to your site.
Our onsite crew is made up of experienced, fully insured employees, not subcontractors.
The truck is stocked with all the tools the crew will need to build your building so they are completely self-contained.

Onsite Building install Truck

Onsite Building Truck

There are a few considerations to keep in mind regarding your built on-site sheds.
a. On the smaller buildings, there is a $100. charge for building on-site (we need to bring 3 people to your site instead of 1).
b. On-site built buildings do not come painted. Our high pressure paint sprayers can make real issues in your backyard. Don’t ask how we know.
c. Even though we do as much of the prep work as possible, building on-site can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day+ depending on the building style and size.
d. If your building site is more than 150’ from where we can park our truck, there may be an additional carrying charge.
The bottom line is we have several options to get that building to the perfect spot in your backyard.

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