When I grow up I want to be a fireman



Was it just me or did every kid growing up dream of being a firefighter one day?

I am not sure what happened. Here I am, sitting behind this desk without a fire truck in sight.

The 7 year old me would be so disappointed in the 40 year old me.

That is not the case with one of our customers. Firefighter Kevin followed his boyhood dream and became a career firefighter. I am sure that the realities of being a firefighter may have been a bit different than he thought it would be as boy, but he never lost his fascination with firefighting.

The part of that fascination that we are so impressed with is his fire equipment collection.

Kevin has a collection of antique firefighting equipment that would be the envy of many museums.

One of the most prized parts of his collection are the antique fire call boxes. If you are unfamiliar with fire alarm call boxes, here is a link to Wikipedia that explains it better than I can.

 Several years ago, Kevin came to us for a building to keep his collection in. Since then, he has added two other buildings to house his ever growing collection.

His most recent building is a 10×14 Cape Cod that he set up to resemble an old fire house.

Have a look at these pictures. Your inner 7 year old demands it.

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